Stressed Guinea Pig? How to Spot the Signs | 9 Ways to Calm Your Cavy

As prey animals, cavies are natural worriers. After all, being on high alert is how they survive. Having said that, in the wild, guinea pigs can escape from stressful situations. But this isn’t the case for pet piggies. Exposed to constant stressors in their hutch, guinea pigs are prone to long term health issues. They are also at risk of hurting themselves in an attempt to get away from the perceived danger.

Vitamin C and Your Guinea Pig | Everything you Need To Know To Keep a Healthy Cavy

Did you know that just like humans, your guinea pig can’t make its own vitamin C? This means that in the same way, we need to get this essential vitamin from fruits, vegetables or a daily supplement, so can cavies. In this article, we’re talking about vitamin C and your guinea pig, from what problems a lack of vitamin C can cause, to ways you can include it in your piggy’s diet and everything in between.

How Long Can a Guinea Pig Be Left Alone | Caring for Your Cavy While You Take a Break

Whether it’s work responsibilities for a day or two, a weekend away, or a week-long summer holiday, even the most responsible guinea pig owner needs to leave their cuddly cavy alone for an extended period. If you find yourself in this predicament, you’re probably wondering how long can a guinea pig be left alone?

Guinea Pig First Aid Kit | Why You Need One and Essentials To Keep In It

We all know how important it is to have a first aid kit in your home, especially if you have smaller children that are accident-prone. But what about your pets? Do you have a guinea pig first aid kit? Having a well-stocked first-aid kit with all the essential supplies on hand can buy you extra time in an emergency: time to get your furry friend to the vet. It could save your guinea pig’s life.

How Much Exercise Does a Guinea Pig Need? How Best To Keep Your Cavy fit and Healthy

Thanks to their cuddlesome appearance, affectionate personality and animated ways, guinea pigs are fast becoming a popular choice of pet for families all across the UK. But these cuddly little critters need a lot of care, and that includes plenty of exercise. You see, in the wild, cavies spend a large part of their day running around while foraging for food. As pets, however, they are more often than not kept in a hutch or indoor cage, with limited space to roam freely.

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live? Help Your Pet Have A Long Happy Life

Ever wondered how long guinea pigs live? Well, you are not alone. Especially if, as a future piggy pet owner, you are trying to figure how much time (and money) you will need to commit to.

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Cuddled?

For the most part, guinea pigs are very social animals and make for affectionate pets, But it is important to keep in mind that cuddles don’t always come naturally. Depending on the breed and personality, one guinea pig may enjoy being cuddled straight away, while another may take a few months before it enjoys any human interaction. And then there are those that simply never get used to it at all.

7 Games To Play With Your Guinea Pig | For Fun and Better Bonding

Who said guinea pigs are boring pets? With a bit of patience and tasty treats in hand, you and your piggies can spend some quality time together playing games. Not only is this good for building bonds with your pets, but owning and interacting with your pet can decrease your stress levels, help with depression and even help lower cholesterol levels, according to the CDC. So read on for our guide to the 7 best games to play with your guinea pigs.

How to Adopt a Guinea Pig | 7 Best Reasons To Adopt Your Next Cavy

How To Adopt a Guinea Pig

#AdoptNotShop is a familiar slogan when it comes to rehoming cats and dogs. But did you know you can also adopt a guinea pig? When looking for a cavy, a lot of people will more often than not head off to the pet shop. But adopt not shop is the best way to get a cavy too.

Can Guinea Pigs Live Alone | Do They Suffer Loneliness?

lonely cavy cover

In their natural habitat, guinea pigs are incredibly social little animals and live in muddles of 10 or more. A guinea pig living alone will experience loneliness, boredom and more than likely develop behavioural problems. It also has a negative impact on its physical well-being. So much so that it’s considered illegal to own just one piggy in Switzerland.