How Much Do Rabbits Cost? Do The Maths Before you Bring Home a Bunny

a baby rabbit in a shirt pocket

How much do rabbits cost? Between housing, food, and veterinary care, the cost to keep a rabbit can be surprisingly high. Before bringing any pet home, it’s important to be certain that you have the resources to care for it properly.

Rabbit Nail Clipping | Your Guide In 6 Easy Steps

Rabbits’ nails, like their teeth, are continually growing. Wild rabbits wear down their nails by digging burrows and running over rough ground. But pet rabbits often need a trim, otherwise, their long nails may catch on things, or curl under and cause sore hocks.

Myxomatosis and Your Rabbit | How Best To Protect Your Pet

Myxomatosis is a disease that affects both wild rabbits and domestic rabbits. It’s almost always fatal. Fortunately, you can have your rabbit vaccinated to protect them.

Can Rabbits Live Alone? Do They Need Company to Be Happy?

Many people ask, can rabbits live alone? Rabbits are social animals, and, like us, can suffer from loneliness. Though there are exceptions, most rabbits want and need another rabbit for company. For this reason, we always recommend keeping rabbits in groups of two or more.

Can Cats and Rabbits Get Along? Can They Live In Safety Together

Can cats and rabbits get along? Rabbits are prey animals and cats are predators. so It might surprise you to know that, in the right circumstances, some cats and rabbits can become good friends.

Should I Neuter My Rabbit? Making The Right Choice For Your Bunny

Animal advocates around the world agree: it’s best to spay and neuter your pets. But you may wonder if it’s strictly necessary. Why bother if you only have one pet rabbit, for example? Why not save the money and spare your rabbit a trip to the vet?

How Much Exercise Does a Rabbit Need? More Than You Think For a Happy Bunny!

A wild rabbit gets a lot of exercise. Pet rabbits also need a high level of activity and can suffer if they don’t have the space to play and run off their energy. How much exercise does your rabbit need, and what’s the best way to make sure they get it? We’re glad you asked.

Rabbit First Aid Kit | The Essentials For Bunny Emergencies

Rabbit first Aid Kit

Most of us have a first aid kit for ourselves. But you’d be surprised how many people forget to put one together for their pets. A rabbit first aid kit can help you to deal with everyday minor injuries. It can also buy you time with larger problems, while you bring your rabbit to a rabbit vet.

How To Sex a Rabbit | How To Tell Male From Female and Why You Need To Know

How To Sex a rabbit

Rabbits are happiest in pairs. But if you’re not buying a pair for breeding, and you don’t want any unexpected baby rabbits, it’s important to know the gender of your bunnies before you bring them home. Do you know how to sex a rabbit?

Is My Rabbit Bored? How To Spot the Danger Signs and Help

Is My Rabbit Bored?

Boredom in rabbits can cause both behavioural and health problems. You might know some of the signs, for example excessive chewing. But there are other ways your rabbit may be trying to tell you that they’re bored. Learn how to tell if your pet is bored, and how to help.