Keeping a House Rabbit | How To Keep Your Bunny Happy Indoors

There are few more divisive questions in the rabbit keeping community than whether to house pet rabbits indoors or out. Unsurprisingly, there are sound arguments to be made on both sides. Here at Home & Roost, we devote a lot of time to the needs of outdoor rabbits, but we believe that house rabbits can […]

Can You Bath Rabbits? | Keeping your Bunny Clean AND Safe

A brown rabbit in a bathtub looks at its reflection in a mirror.

We all know when it’s time to give the dog a bath. And everyone knows better than to try it on with a cat. But can you bath rabbits? Should a bath be part of your rabbit care regimen? Generally speaking, no, rabbits groom themselves. However, there are some circumstances where you might need to help them.

How To Use a Rabbit Harness | The Best Way to Leash Train Your Bunny

Most dogs are happy to walk on a leash. Some cats enjoy it, too. But a rabbit? Actually, with the right rabbit harness and a little bit of training, many rabbits can go for walkies, too. But it’s important to keep your rabbit’s safety and comfort first in your mind.

Is My Bunny Too Fat? How to Help an Overweight Rabbit

We all need a certain amount of body fat to stay healthy, but an overweight rabbit can suffer some of the same health problems associated with excess weight in humans. How can you tell if your chubby bunny is a fat rabbit or simply sturdy? And if your rabbit is overweight, what can you do? […]

Rabbits and Chickens: Can They Live Safely Together?

A chicken and a hen together in a grassy field. They're facing away from the camera.

Rabbits and chickens have a lot in common. They both like company, their housing needs are similar, and they both also need their own space to retreat to when they’re feeling nervous. At the same time, keeping chickens and rabbits together raises some health and safety issues for both. So, can bunnies and chickens house-share? […]

Do Rabbits Need Shots? 3 Essential Vaccinations to Protect Your Bunny

a rabbit receiving an injection from a vet

Do rabbits need shots? Do you really need to vaccinate your rabbits? Depending on where you live, vaccination may or may not be required by law. But even if it’s not, the appropriate shots can protect your rabbits against VHD/RHD and Myxomatosis, and can help your rabbits live longer, healthier lives.

Do Rabbits Bite? Understanding Why Your Bunny Bites and How to Stop It.

two grey longhair rabbits yawning and showing their teeth

The short answer is yes. Rabbits bite and rabbit bites can be both painful and serious. More important questions, though, are why they bite, and how a rabbit owner can reduce the chance of a bite before it happens. It’s also important to know how to treat a bite to yourself or to another pet.

Can Rabbits Vomit? Your Essential Guide To Rabbit Digestion

Air sickness bags in the back pocket of an airline seat

Can rabbits vomit? The question may sound strange, but the truth is, rabbits cannot vomit, and that can present special challenges for your bunny. Rabbit owners should be aware that, in addition to being incapable of vomiting, rabbits have a digestive system that is very different from ours. Here’s what that means, for you and for your pet rabbit.

Rabbit Welfare | Rabbit Hutches and How They Should be Used

One of the most important things for a happy, healthy rabbit is a spacious enclosure. Rabbit hutches sometimes get bad press. And it’s true that keeping a rabbit locked up in a hutch — any hutch — 24/7 is mistreatment, plain and simple.

18 Plants Poisonous to Rabbits and 9 Garden Greens Safe for Your Bun to Munch

Five rabbits in a grassy field nibbling on grass.

For a lot of rabbits, a run in a rabbit proofed garden is the best fun there is. But making your garden rabbit safe is about more than dig-proofing. Many gardens contain plants poisonous to rabbits. It’s important to know which garden plants to avoid.