Who’s Who of British Garden Birds

British garden birds

When you start to garden for wildlife, and put out food and water for the birds, you will start to notice a huge range of different feather visitors coming to your garden. But who is who? Is that little brown job a sparrow or a dunnock?

Should You Feed Garden Birds All Year Round?

You can start to feed birds at any time of the year. It is easy to create a feeding station in your back garden, whether using a tree to hang bird feeders or, making or purchasing a bird table. There are many options available.

Introducing the Tit Family of Birds

Tits are easily recognisable. Small and agile, they can extract food from the feeders with ease. You will notice the difference when comparing to other garden birds. They often arrive at the feeders in small groups and may form an impatient queue. A bird feeding station will provide many feeders and the chance to offer […]

Best Place to Put A Bird Box

 To encourage birds into your garden all year round, it is worth adding a bird box. It enables the simple pleasure of watching birds nesting throughout the spring and it is wonderful to hear the sound of baby birds calling for food. Before you make any purchases, consider the best place to put a bird […]

Do You Know the Difference Between A Swift and Swallow?

After the dark months of Winter, there is an air of expectancy as we enter Spring. The arrival of Swifts and Swallows is often evocative of childhood. In the last 20 years, numbers have greatly declined, due to climate change, fewer insects or through the loss of suitable nesting sites. As we await their arrival, do you know the difference between a Swift and a Swallow?