Clare Stone

Clare is a freelance writer and illustrator living and working in Gloucestershire UK. She loves wildlife, nature, conservation and the environment. Clare hopes that her words and pictures will help to bring the natural world to life for others.

Where To Place a Bird Table

Where To Place a Bird Table?

Positioning your bird table correctly can have a massive impact on how much the birds use it, and how much you enjoy it. So it’s important to take some time to get it right.. You will be surprised at how many different factors there are to consider. Let’s take a look.

Grey squirrel

How Did Grey Squirrels First Get to The UK?

The grey squirrel is now classed as an Invasive Alien species in the UK. It’s thought of as a major pest and blamed for the destruction of our native red quarrel population. But how did this tree-dwelling demon get here in the first place? Where did it come from? How has it done so well? And is everything we hear about it really true

What to put in a hedgehog house

What To Put In A Hedgehog House

So you have your lovely new hedgehog house. What should you put in it? How can you make it more welcoming for prickly visitors? This is a question we get asked all the time here at Home and Roost. The answer is: it depends on what you are planning to use the house for.

When do birds start nesting

When Do Birds Start Nesting?

It’s a good question, and as with many things in nature, the answer is “It depends”. There are a lot of factors that determine when birds start nesting. These include the weather, the species of bird, the age of the individual bird, how long the bird takes to build its nest and how long chicks take to fledge.

Stop pigeons eating bird food

How To Stop Pigeons Eating Your Bird Food

Pigeons are birds, right? So if we want to feed garden birds shouldn’t we be happy to feed pigeons too? Hmm, well maybe, up to a point. But if you’ve ever become popular with your local pigeon population, you will know that there comes a moment when you just think “Enough Now!” If you’ve reached that point, then read on

Hedgehog facts for kids

Hedgehog Facts For Kids

Hedgehogs are really interesting creatures. I’m sure you can easily recognise one, and you’d never mistake a hedgehog for anything else – like a fox, or a cat? But what do you know about hedgehogs? Take a look at our hedgehog questions here and see how many new things you can learn.