Rabbit First Aid Kit | The Essentials For Bunny Emergencies

Rabbit first Aid Kit

Most of us have a first aid kit for ourselves. But you’d be surprised how many people forget to put one together for their pets. A rabbit first aid kit can help you to deal with everyday minor injuries. It can also buy you time with larger problems, while you bring your rabbit to a rabbit vet.

Is My Rabbit Bored? How To Spot the Danger Signs and Help

Is My Rabbit Bored?

Boredom in rabbits can cause both behavioural and health problems. You might know some of the signs, for example excessive chewing. But there are other ways your rabbit may be trying to tell you that they’re bored. Learn how to tell if your pet is bored, and how to help.

9 Top Rabbit Toys | Best Boredom Busters For Your Bunny

rabbit boredom busters

Nobody likes to be bored, and that includes your rabbits. Worse, boredom can lead to health and behavioural concerns. So, how do you keep your bunny from getting bored? Making sure they have company, space and daily interaction with you are all crucial. And enriching their environment with toys and boredom busters can help keep them happy too. Here are our top picks of the best boredom busters for your bunny.

How To Adopt a Rabbit | Your Complete Guide

Adopting a rabbit from a rescue might seem complicated. It doesn’t have to be. Learn what to expect from the rabbit adoption process, and how to prepare your enclosure to welcome your new family member home.

Rabbit Hutch Discounts | Find Discounts Why Pay Full Price

Are you looking for the best rabbit hutch discounts online? Did you know that many so-called sales are nothing more than the word “sale” slapped over the regular price?  Rewards programs and loyalty schemes, on the other hand, really do offer you the chance to save money. You’ve probably heard it a million times: Would […]

How To Teach Your Rabbit Tricks | Bunnies Love a Challenge

How to teach your rabbit tricks

Did you know that you can teach your rabbit tricks? It’s true. Bunnies are clever and love a challenge. Teaching tricks is also a great way to have fun and bond with your bunny. Best of all, training your bunny buddy is not that much different than training a dog. The secret is motivation, association, and repetition.

How To Play With Your Rabbit

play wiht rabbit

Rabbits are different from cats and dogs. It should come as no surprise that their play styles are different, too. Understanding rabbit play can help you to build a stronger relationship with your rabbit. And you may learn some new tricks, too!