Can Rabbits live Outside? How To Keep Your Bunny Safe and Happy in the Garden

Traditionally, rabbits were always kept outdoors, in hutches or sheds. This is, in fact, still one of the most popular housing options among bunny owners. Yet, as house bunnies become more common among the rabbit owner community, a debate has arisen. Can rabbits live outside? Do they prefer to live indoors? Will my rabbit be […]

How to litter train Rabbits | Easy Step-by-Step Guide

The question of how to litter train rabbits is one of the most common amongst owners: above all, the key to success is patience. House-training your bunny won’t happen overnight, but our step-by-step guide should help simplify the process to promote a good routine and a clean house. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits can be […]

Caring For Outdoor Rabbits | Essential Care Guide

When it comes to keeping bunnies, there are a number of key points that pet owners should be aware of. Whether you’re new to caring for rabbits altogether or are relocating your bunny outside, our detailed guide has all the information you need on caring for outdoor rabbits.  How to Care for Outdoor Rabbits Are […]