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Basic Tips to Help You Choose a Chicken Coop

Basic Tips to Help You Choose a Chicken Coop

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Keeping chickens is quite common these days. They are relatively easy to keep and bring great rewards. If you have decided to keep chickens you will need a chicken coop. The hen house will need to protect your hens from the weather and predators.

Picking the Right Chicken Coop

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right chicken coop.

  • The coop will need to provide at least 1sqft of floor area for each chicken, but it’s often better to allow a little more space for some added comfort.
  • Add nest boxes into the chicken coop if it doesn’t come with the boxes built in. The nest boxes should be in the quietest and darkest place in the hen house to provide privacy.
  • The perches should be higher than the nest boxes and provide at least 8 inches of space per chicken.
  • The coop needs to be well-ventilated to help prevent disease.
  • Position the coop within a secure run to protect them from predators. Alternatively, attach a run to the house.
  • Wooden chicken coops are suitable as the wood breathes, providing a healthy environment for your chickens all year round and good ventilation.

Position the chicken coop in an area of the garden that offers some natural protection from the elements. Avoid too much direct sunshine, pick a spot that provides some shade. Planting small trees around the coop or fenced off run will add some shade if you don’t have a suitable spot.



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