Guinea Pigs

How To Set Up A guinea Pig Cage With Fleece Bedding

Are you thinking about using fleece as bedding for your guinea pig but aren’t sure if it is as good as wood shavings? Well, you will be pleased to know many piggy parents are making the change, and are thrilled with the results. But before you go into a fleece frenzy, it is worth looking at the benefits of this unique material, as well as how to prepare it and line your piggy’s cage correctly.

Guinea pig health

Guinea Pig Health Check

Although your guinea pig may be a hardy little animal, it is prone to several health problems, some more life-threatening than others. Knowing what these issues are, and recognising the symptoms early on will ensure you get the best possible treatment for your cavy

What Temperatures Can Guinea Pigs Live In?

Guinea pigs are similar to humans in that they prefer moderate temperatures. The ideal temperature range is between 18°C and 23°C, but they are definitely more partial to cooler conditions than temperatures that are too high. So how do you make sure your pocket pet is comfortable living outdoors in our not so moderate climate?

Pregnant guinea pig

Is My Guinea Pig Pregnant?

Guinea pigs are notorious early developers, reaching sexual maturity at a very young age. Typically females are ready to start having babies when they are around two months old, while males become sexually active by three months. Throw in the fact that these furballs are also particularly frisky, and it is no wonder you could be a guinea grandparent before you even know it.

Guinea pig poo

The Scoop on Guinea Pig Poop

Before you turn your nose up at the idea of an article focused entirely on guinea pig poo, you need to understand why it’s so important. You see, your guinea pig’s droppings tell you a lot about your pet’s overall health, long before other symptoms start to show.

Guinea pig v hamster

Should I Get A Guinea Pig or A Hamster?

So, you are thinking about getting a pocket pet, and can’t decide between a hamster or a guinea pig. We get it. They are both as cute as heck and to the untrained eye, probably very similar. But don’t be fooled. While hamsters and guinea pigs are classified as rodents, it’s like saying a watermelon and an apple are the same because they are both fruits