How Do I Get Birds To Nest In My Garden

birds nesting

When birds choose where to nest, it’s a bit like when we choose where to live. We are looking at the house for sure, but we are also looking at the area. What are the schools like? How do the neighbours look? Are there good shops and a lovely park nearby? Well, the birds’ nesting checklist might be different, but you still need to tick all their boxes if you want them to nest in your garden. It’s about more than just hanging a nice nest box on the wall.

What Birds Can I See in The Garden In Winter?

birds in winter

Though the plants in your garden might not be putting on much of a show during the winter months, the bird table certainly is. With our year-round residents joined by flocks of cold weather migrants, there is plenty to see. So wrap up warm, grab a hot chocolate, or even a mulled wine, and let’s take a look at who’s at the bird table in winter.

How to Get More Wild Birds Into Your Garden Easily. Part 2

Why is one garden full of wild birds whilst its neighbour gets no feathered visitors at all? It’s all about offering birds what they need and making them feel safe and welcome. Getting Wild Birds into Your Garden: Nesting and Nurturing. If you’ve been following the advice in Part 1 of this series for a […]

How to Get More Wild Birds Into Your Garden Easily. Part 1

Nothing beats watching birds in action in the garden: splashing in the birdbath, squabbling over food and darting in and out of the undergrowth. It’s always a pleasure to watch birds in the garden. But why is one garden full of birds whilst its neighbour has none?

Birds Of Prey UK | Your Essential Guide To Britain’s Top 10 Raptors

Birds of Prey are some of the most majestic wildlife we have here in the UK. In the late 20th century many species were driven to the brink of extinction. But fantastic conservation efforts up and down the country mean that many of our hawks, falcons, kites and owls are thriving once again. Here’s our guide to some of the species you might spot when you are out and about, or even gazing at the sky above your garden.

Which Birds Eat Sunflower Seeds? 3 Types, Which is Best For Your Birds

Which birds eat sunflower seeds? A better question might be which birds don’t! Sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts are a real favourite for garden birds including blue tits, sparrows, dunnocks, collared doves finches and more. When it comes to choosing sunflower seeds for garden birds there are several options available. In this article, we are going to look at which to choose and how and when to offer them.

8 Ways To Attract Invertebrates To Your Garden | Yes You Really Do Want To Encourage Bugs!

Gardeners and farmers have spent decades waging war on many of our native invertebrates. Now we know that invertebrates have a vital role to play in a healthy ecosystem. They are an essential part of the food chain for hedgehogs and many birds. And without them, many of our crops and flowers simply can’t grow. […]

What To Feed Hedgehogs In Your Garden | The Best Foods and What To Avoid

what to feed hedgehogs in your garden

There is a whole range of proprietary hedgehog foods on the market, some rescuers swear by cat food, and you can even find recipes for homemade hedgehog food on the internet. So what is the best thing to feed hedgehogs in your garden? And What foods do more harm than good?

Will Hedgehogs Harm Ground Nesting Birds? | Do They Attack Chicks?

hedgehogs and ground nesting birds

Hedgehogs will certainly eat eggs and even small birds if they get the chance. But hedgehogs do not pose a threat to the ground-nesting birds found in the UK mainland. Put hedgehogs in other situations, though, and they can become a real menace to the bird population.

How Best To Feed Ground Feeding Birds

ground feeding birds

This sounds like a bit of a silly question at first. Ground feeding birds – put some feed on the ground, right? Well, you can simply throw some food on the ground to cater for these birds. But you may run into problems. Attracting rats, exposing your birds to predators, and ending up with a cornfield where your lawn used to be, for example.