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Why Is My Cat Sleeping A lot?

Do you worry about how much your cat sleeps? Maybe you even suspect ‘nar-cat-lepsy’, the feline version of the relatively rare sleeping disorder that affects around 30,000 people in the UK. Well, while it may be cause for concern if you’re a first-time paw-rent, the good news is cats sleep a lot. In fact, the only thing they catch more than mice is ZZZs!

Why Do Hedgehogs Self Anoint?

Hedgehogs are ancient and exotic creatures with a unique appearance and some pretty outlandish behavioural traits. Perhaps top of the list of wired and wonderful hedgehog behaviour is the practice of self anointing. This week we are going to look at what self anointing is, when it happens, theories of why it happens and whether it is in any way harmful.

Why Do Hedgehogs Fight?

Many of our readers report seeing hedgehogs in their garden “fighting.”  Whether you catch this action live or on trail cam it’s a fascinating and often alarming sight: two pin cushions having a go at each other, often with spectacular sound effects. But are they really fighting? If so, why? And is this something you … Read more