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Which Tortoise Breeds Make the Best Pets? Our Top 9 Picks

Just as you would consider dog breeds when getting a new puppy, you should consider the different species of tortoises, too, before welcoming one to your home. Different tortoises have different needs, different personalities, and will grow to different sizes. These are all things you should take into consideration before choosing which pet tortoise is best for you.

The Ultimate guide to Abyssinian Guinea Pigs

One of the easiest ways to recognise this particular breed is by its somewhat distinctive hairdo. Unlike other cavies, the Abyssinian has coarse, straight hair that stands approximately 1.5″ high, But that’s not the weirdest bit. They also have several rosette patterns or tufts of hair that turn outwards all over their body. This is ‘bedhead’ at its best!

The Harlequin Rabbit – The Facts

You might wonder if the Harlequin Rabbit is a breed or simply a way of describing coat patterns. You wouldn’t be alone in wondering. Although the Harlequin rabbit is recognized as a breed by both the American rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and the British Rabbit Council, the name does derive from a specific pattern of colours.

Lionhead Rabbits | Your Essential Guide

A lion for a pet? That could get expensive. Not to mention that wild animals don’t make good pets. But if you’re looking for a lion-hearted companion with a beautiful mane, look no further than the lion head rabbit. This new bunny breed is clever, compact, friendly, and adorable. And a lion bunny won’t try to eat you when you’re not looking.