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What To Feed Garden Birds In Winter | Why Winter Feeding Saves Lives

In winter our garden birds face a double whammy of challenges: it’s cold, so they need more food to keep up their energy and fat reserves. And at the same time, there is much less food around: plants are bare, flying insects have vanished, and worms are buried in frozen ground. The food we provide is crucial at this time of year, so let’s look at what to feed garden birds in winter.

Metabolic Bone Disease and Your Tortoise |Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Most forms of Metabolic Bone Disease are caused by improper care and occur when a tortoise has insufficient calcium, therefore, draws calcium from its skeleton and shells, causing bones and shell to become soft and malformed. This can lead to bone fractures, a misshapen shell, severe pain, and, ultimately a painful death, if not treated.