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Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?

There is no denying cats love food, but what happens when yours seems to be hungry all the time? If your cat shows signs of an increased appetite, begs, whines or gets aggressive around its food bowl, it could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. It could also be that your cat is bored, craving your attention or even experiencing a psychological issue.

What to Feed Your Rabbit in Winter | The Best Winter Foods for Rabbits

By now we all know that our pet rabbits should be eating a diet that’s rich in hay and greens, with a limited amount of pellet food. This combination prevents obesity and can help to stave off other health problems, too. But winter brings some special care needs, including diet. The fact is, in winter, your rabbit should be eating a bit differently and a bit more.

Vitamin C and Your Guinea Pig | Everything you Need To Know To Keep a Healthy Cavy

Did you know that just like humans, your guinea pig can’t make its own vitamin C? This means that in the same way, we need to get this essential vitamin from fruits, vegetables or a daily supplement, so can cavies. In this article, we’re talking about vitamin C and your guinea pig, from what problems a lack of vitamin C can cause, to ways you can include it in your piggy’s diet and everything in between.

What Do Tortoises Eat? Understand Their Natural Diet and The Right Foods for Your Pet

Our pets require a delicate balance of nutrients and minerals to remain fit and healthy. However, the problem with feeding tortoises is that different species all have different nutritional requirements to be able to survive. Knowing what tortoises eat in the wild is the first step to providing a balanced diet for them, although it is not always that simple. Do tortoises need to eat every day? What foods are toxic to tortoises? How long can they go without eating?

What Do Blackbirds Eat?

With their beautiful song, glossy black plumage and striking yellow beaks we all love a blackbird, they a welcome sight in any garden. Providing their favourite foods is probably the best way of making sure they visit you. So what do blackbirds eat? What’s their natural diet, what bird foods do they enjoy and are there any food you should avoid offering them? Let’s take a look.