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Wildlife Friendly Slug Pellets – Do They Exist?

Traditional slug pellets, made using metaldehyde are now banned from manufacture in the UK and you’ll be committing a crime if you use any old ones in your garden after March 2022. Most of the slug pellets now for sale in the UK use iron or Ferric Phosphate as their active slug killing ingredient. They are often labelled as organic, but are they really wildlife friendly slug pellets, and safe to use around pets and children?

How To Help Baby Birds In Your Garden

Seeing, or more likely hearing the first baby birds in the garden each year, is such a treat. But what if you see a young bird without its parents? What should you do, and how can you help? In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can help baby birds in your garden. When you need to intervene and lend a hand, and when it’s better to let nature take its course.

How To Feed Blackbirds But Not Pigeons | It’s Easier Than You Think!

Pigeons are big birds, and they eat A LOT! Giving other birds a chance to feed when you have pigeons around can be a challenge. There are lots of pigeon-proof hanging feeders for birds like tits and finches. But what about the ground feeding birds like blackbirds and robins? How to keep the pigeons off their food? It can be easier than you think.

What Do Blackbirds Eat?

With their beautiful song, glossy black plumage and striking yellow beaks we all love a blackbird, they a welcome sight in any garden. Providing their favourite foods is probably the best way of making sure they visit you. So what do blackbirds eat? What’s their natural diet, what bird foods do they enjoy and are there any food you should avoid offering them? Let’s take a look.

How To Make Your Own Suet Balls.

t’s easy and cheap enough to buy suet balls or fat cakes for the birds. But if like me, your waistline won’t stand any more home baking, or you need a fun project to do with the kids, making some suet balls or fat cakes for the birds can be a good option. Keep yourself occupied and the birds well fed during the cold days of winter. Here’s our step by step guide.

Which Birds Eat Mealworms?

I can hear some of you going “eeeuuugh!” at the very mention of mealworms. But this tasty little snack is loved by many of our native birds. And as part of a balanced diet mealworms can be a great support to insectivorous birds at many times of the year. So let’s take a look at which birds enjoy mealworms, why they are so beneficial, and how even the most squeamish of you can offer them without losing your lunch!

What Bird Table is Best? | 6 of the Best Handmade Bird Tables to Get Birds to your Garden Fast

A bird table is key to attracting birds to your garden. It’s a garden focal point, a source of endless entertainment. But how to choose? If you are looking for your first bird table or replacing an old one, the sheer number of options can be confusing. In this article, we will help you decide. We’ll take a look at the things to consider when choosing a bird table, and give you details of some of our own best bird table picks.

How Do I Get Birds To Nest In My Garden

When birds choose where to nest, it’s a bit like when we choose where to live. We are looking at the house for sure, but we are also looking at the area. What are the schools like? How do the neighbours look? Are there good shops and a lovely park nearby? Well, the birds’ nesting checklist might be different, but you still need to tick all their boxes if you want them to nest in your garden. It’s about more than just hanging a nice nest box on the wall.

How To Photograph Garden Birds

Taking photographs of the birds in your garden can actually be a great place to start with wildlife photography. Although you could spend some money on a good camera, with a bit of planning and know-how, you can get great shots with a simple “point and shoot” camera or your smartphone. In this article, we’re going to show you how.