Metabolic Bone Disease and Your Tortoise |Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Most forms of Metabolic Bone Disease are caused by improper care and occur when a tortoise has insufficient calcium, therefore, draws calcium from its skeleton and shells, causing bones and shell to become soft and malformed. This can lead to bone fractures, a misshapen shell, severe pain, and, ultimately a painful death, if not treated.

Tortoise Shell Rot | How to Spot, Prevent and Treat This Dangerous Condition

A tortoise’s shell is probably its most distinctive feature and a very important part of its anatomy. tortoise shells are strong, but they can still suffer damage which can lead to tortoise shell rot: potentially a very serious condition. But what is shell rot, how is it diagnosed and what can we do about it? Although it’s something all tortoise owners need to be aware of, fear not, as it can be treated and is easily prevented.

Why Does My Cavy Have Runny Eyes? Everything you Need to Know About Guinea Pig Eye Infections

Your guinea pig’s eyes can tell you a lot about its overall health. It’s normal for guinea pigs to have a milky discharge from the eyes, but red, runny or sore eyes could be a sign of guinea pig eye infection or more serious health issues. Knowing the signs and symptoms of common guinea pig eye infections from conjunctivitis to upper respiratory infections and dental issues will help you identify the problem and get the appropriate treatment fast.