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Understanding Tortoise Hibernation and How to Help Your Tort Hibernate Safely

If you are a tortoise owner in the UK, you are probably aware that the conditions you provide for your exotic pets are very different to those that they will experience in the wild. Hibernation is just one of the many things you need to consider as a tortoise owner. But what is tortoise hibernation and how do you make sure you do it safely?

Do Squirrels Hibernate?

In the late summer and autumn, squirrels seem to be everywhere in our local woods: flying through the trees, sitting bold as brass in the middle of paths nibbling on acorns. But come the winter, the squirrels are nowhere to be seen. Are they hibernating? If not, what do squirrels do in winter?

When Do Hedgehogs Come Out of Hibernation?

In the UK, hedgehogs typically come out of hibernation between March and May. There is a lot of variation between years, between different areas of the country and between different individuals. Emerging from hibernation is a dangerous moment in the hedgehog year. In this article, we will look at the process in more detail and understand how we can help.

Why Do Hedgehogs Hibernate?

The seasons seem strange just now you can’t predict what the weather will do from one day to the next. We still had bees in the garden in November, and the daffodils are already out in Cornwall in January. Many people are seeing hedgehogs still out and about in December and wondering what’s going on? Shouldn’t they be hibernating now? Why are they still out? Will they be OK? So now seemed like a good moment to take a look at why hedgehogs hibernate see if we can find answers to some of those questions.