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How To Help Baby Birds In Your Garden

Seeing, or more likely hearing the first baby birds in the garden each year, is such a treat. But what if you see a young bird without its parents? What should you do, and how can you help? In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can help baby birds in your garden. When you need to intervene and lend a hand, and when it’s better to let nature take its course.

How Do I Get Birds To Nest In My Garden

When birds choose where to nest, it’s a bit like when we choose where to live. We are looking at the house for sure, but we are also looking at the area. What are the schools like? How do the neighbours look? Are there good shops and a lovely park nearby? Well, the birds’ nesting checklist might be different, but you still need to tick all their boxes if you want them to nest in your garden. It’s about more than just hanging a nice nest box on the wall.

The Best Hedgehog Houses – How To Choose?

Our gardens are becoming an ever more important haven for hedgehogs and all wildlife. Providing a hedgehog house along with the freedom to roam and fresh food and water help to give hedgehogs a chance. In fact, the evidence is that hedgehogs populations are actually on the rise in some urban and suburban areas, thanks to the help we offer in our gardens

The Best Bedding for a Hedgehog House

In their natural environment hedgehogs will happily gather up their own nesting material and build the nests they need for hibernation, breeding, or just a daytime nap. But as British Hedgehog Preservation Society tells us, natural British hedgehog habitat is disappearing fast. It’s not so easy for our hogs to find the things they need to make a cosy nest these days. So it’s down to us to lend a hand.

When Do Birds Start Nesting?

It’s a good question, and as with many things in nature, the answer is “It depends”. There are a lot of factors that determine when birds start nesting. These include the weather, the species of bird, the age of the individual bird, how long the bird takes to build its nest and how long chicks take to fledge.