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FAQ: Care & Upkeep

FAQs Care & Upkeep

Here you can find all the questions you need answered

FAQs Care & Upkeep

Here you can find all the questions you need answered


Should I move my hutch when it starts getting really cold?

We designed our Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutches to be able to be outside all year round. When it starts getting colder, we will recommend adding more bedding to the hutch. If your garden is open to large gusts of wind, moving it to a secluded place until the weather starts to warm up is recommended.

How often should you clean your hutch

You should clean your hutch orer at least inspect it every day. If you have fresh bedding a good sign that that you need to clean would be the state and freshness of this. Things like a corner tray can help reduce the amounts of time you need to clean.

Can you recomend how do I clean my hutch

The best approach is to work the floor space down in sections and clean a bit at a time. This way you won’t have a large amount of waste to carry and through away and you less likely to drop it on the floor making a mess.

Our Chartwell Range of hutches will allow you to make use of the cleaning bar. The bar opens up a gap under the doors and enables you to sweep out rubbish into a bucket or container while your pets are still in your hutch.

Always clean your hutch every 2-3 days and give the inside a look every day, this way you can keep a right eye on the condition and whether your pets need any more bedding.

You can use a watered-down soap cleaning solution from the kitchen but not anything too harsh like bleach. Some of our pet-friendly hutch cleaners are perfect you can view them here and here. They use natural ingredients and won’t run the risk of harming or agitating your pets. A cleaning tool will also help speed up especially with the large floor spaces our hutches offer.