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FAQs Guinea Pig Hutches

FAQs Guinea Pig Hutches & Runs

Here you can find all the questions you need answered

FAQs Guinea Pig Hutches & Runs

Here you can find all the questions you need answered


I’m interested in the XL cat house for my guinea pigs. Would it be easy for me to remove the cat flap to replace it with a tunnel system? Thx

All the cat flap doors are attached to the Cat Houses by screws, so with a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, you can easily remove it. Every Cat House comes with the retail box that the door came in included so that you can consult the instruction for guidance.

Not sure what tunnel system you want to use, you would most likely have to make some modification to either the tunnel or the Cat kennel. Also with the legs attached the angle might be too steep for your Guinea Pigs so we would recommend using it without the legs or in the horizontal position. The guide included with the legs will show how to do this.

Hello, I have just purchased a 6ft rabbit hutch & run for my 4 guinea pigs – (being delivered tomorrow) but have just found that one has been attacking the others is there an option or an easy way to separate them within the hutch & run?

If you find that your Guinea Pigs are fighting to make sure that it’s not just one ore two asserting dominance if you see that it’s a problem would recommend separating them overnight. If you have a double hutch, we will suggest you make a secluded sleeping area on the lower level.

Make sure that this is big enough for your Guinea Pig to be completely hidden from view and has enough bedding. Or you could bring one Guinea Pig in your house overnight and then reproduce them the next day.

They might size each other up, but hopefully, they will start to get along, if they persist repeat this 2-3 times and see cooler heads prevail.

You could use some small fencing or separators inside the run and hutch to segregate the Guinea Pigs, these can be found online and is relatively cheap. If this persists, you may have to visit your local vet as this will be upsetting for your pets.

Hi, we have four guinea pigs (two are 4 months old, the other two are 5 days old, bought a pregnant sow from pets at home and we didn’t know she was pregnant at the time!!) so need a new hutch and run to house 4 pigs. What size cage would you recommend?

It sounds like you have a full house, we would always recommend creating the most abundant living area for your pets that you can, our 6ft Guinea Pig Hutches and Runs offer a considerable amount of floor space. They also have up to 2ft in head hight so you can add multi-level exercise and exploration toys.

Our 6ft Chartwell Doubles and Single are perfect for this; we also have folding runs or runs that can be attached to the hutch so you can use it as a stand-alone. 

Could you tell me please what size run would be needed for 3 guinea pigs?

Any of our runs would be suitable for your pets, although we would always recommend that you create the most significant living and playing area you can. You can view our Guinea Pig range of runs here.

I have the 5 ft chart well guinea pig hutch. Is there a run that I can attach to it?

The corisponding Chartwell Runs will work with your Hutch, the 5ft and 5ft XL Cghartwell Guinea Pig Run can be used with your Hutch and also on its own as a stand alone. You can view them here.