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FAQs: Flatpack Assembly

FAQs: Flatpack Assembly

FAQs: Flatpack Assembly

Here you can find all the questions you need answered

Here you can find all the questions you need answered


Are they similar to IKEA flatpack furniture do I need an electric screwdriver.

Our products are similar to IKEA flatpack furniture, our hutches are big and bulky, so there are at times a large number of screws to use, this means having an electric screwdriver will come in handy.

Make sure that you have the battery charged up beforehand so that you don’t have to stop halfway through.

You can use a screwdriver, but it will take longer to assemble, and you’ll have muscles in places you didn’t have before afterwards.

Hi there do the rabbit hutches come flat packed

Yes, all our outdoor Rabbit Hutches come delivered flat-p[lacked and will need assembly by the customer.

There are services available in some parts of the UK that allow you to hire a handy person to put flat-pack products together for you for an agreed fee. and booth offer a service that puts people in touch with tradespeople that are in your area.

Do I need a drill or are pre-drilled holes

You will not need a drill.

Every panel that needs to take a screw will have a pre-drilled hole; this is so you know where the screw should go and to help hold the screw in place before you screw it in.

In every assembly section in the instruction manual, only one panel will have pre-drilled holes. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. The screw biting into the wood has a better grip
  2. Only pre-drilling the one pannel, i.e., if Panel A screws to Panel B, only Pannel A will have the pre-drilled holes. Then it eliminates the chances of misalignment error which is something that can happen because of the hand made nature of our products. This is avoided by only one out of the two panels being pre-drilled.

Can I use a screwdriver putting a double hutch together

A double hutch would be much work for one person and a hand screwdriver.

It’s doable but will take time, and your wrists will hurt, and you’ll need to take breaks making the assembly time longer.

We would recommend using a battery operated screwdriver if you can borrow one from a friend or family member we would highly recommend it.

What are the instructions like

Our instruction booklets modelled on the IKEA principle of fewer words and guidance through diagrams. They are black and white and come in a booklet style.

Below is an attachment of a copy for you to look here:  5ft Chartwell Single Rabbit Hutch

Do they come with screws

Yes, all our flat-pack products come with screws, fixtures (if needed), instructions and a couple of special treats to help you start.