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FAQs: Outdoor Cat Houses and Kennels

FAQs: Outdoor Cat Houses and Kennels

FAQs: Outdoor Cat Houses and Kennels

Here you can find all the questions you need answered

Here you can find all the questions you need answered


What is the guarantee on the microchip cat flap please

The Sure Pet Care Microchip Pet Door comes with a 3-year warranty, when you take delivery of your Microchip Cat House please go through the information provided inside the House and then register your Door with Surepet.

You can register your Microchip Cat Door by clicking here.

 I meant to ask if I need to treat the wood of my XL Cat Shelter before positioning it outside

We treat all our outdoor homes with an animal safe water-based preservative so it’s ready to be used straight out the box.

However, our products take a lot of abuse from the elements and the guest that take up residence; we recommend that once the house is vacated that you clean it and give it a fresh coating of water-based treatment to keep protecting the wood.

Would this product accommodate 6.2 kg cat from an entrance perspective?

This is something we are not sure about.

If you have a cat house fitted with a Petsafe Cat Door you can contact Petsafe customer service here.

If you have a SurePet Microchip Door fitted you can connect them here.

The house  and the floor should be able to handle the weight.

hello, is this size suitable for 2 cats please

If you’re unsure about the size of the house for your pets, the best thing would be to view your pets as they lay or sit together and gauge how much room they take up.

From this, you’re able to tell by the dimensions on the product page whether the size is suitable.

Below is a handy illustration of the best way to work out what size of outdoor kennel you might need for your cats.


How does the microchip work

Your cat will need either need a microchip implanted or a collar with a chip inside it.

You then pair the chip and the door by placing your cat near the door and holding down the program button and then every time your cat goes up to the door and pushes on it the lock will realise, and the door will open for them.

You can store multiple chips on the same door in case you have more than one cat.

You can find more info on how the microchip door works here.

Hi, could you tell me where the insulation is on this cat house. Is it on the inside, outside or between wooden panels. Thanks

The insulation padding on the Cat Kennels is located in two areas:

  1. On the underside of the roof, visible when you open the roof up
  2. On the bottom of the floor, visible from the underneath

is there something to stop the wind blowing the roof open? I live at Land’s End and it can get extremely windy and wet down here.

If your garden suffers from large gusts of winds or is open and is windy, you could look at adding to the Cat Kennel some door catches you can view some here

Can this cat flap activate with the cats chip only?

The microchip door will only open automatically if the chip comes into proximity to the door.

You can set the door to be unlocked continuously if your cat is not yet chipped but will be in the future.

Can this be used for my two cats, please? Both micro chipped? Thanks

The Microchip Cat Kennel can store up to 32 different chips.

You can find more info on hope to use the Surepet Microchip here

Where it says ‘optional’ legs do you have to add those to the order or do they automatically come with the house

The optional legs come free as standard the regular and microchip cat houses.

There are two ways that the legs can be used:

  1. In the upright position, this way the legs lift the Cat House of the ground by approx afoot
  2. In the horizontal position, this raises the Cat House of the floor by approx an inch and allows for older cats to bailey gain access.

You can, of course, use the cat house without the legs and have it directly of the floor, but we would recommend having something under it to create an air gap underneath to help prevent damp.

Hello I am just enquiring as to whether your cat houses can be painted as I am possibly looking for one to place indoors for one of my cats to retreat to when the other one annoys her too much. If yes could you advise what type of paint as well? Many thanks

You can paint any of our wooden products after purchase, however, doing so voids the warranty.

The only recommendation we would issue is that you use an animal-safe paint and that it’s suitable for outdoor use if this is where you plan to use the Cat House.

Looking to purchase the XL Outdoor microchip cat house. My cat gas a virbac chip and I need to ensure it is compatible before purchase please. Thanks

There is a microchip check on the Surflap page, you type in the serial number of your pets chip, and then you can see if it’s compatible.

You can view the chip check here

When our cat puts his head In the tunnel and pushes the flap, it does not release straight away. We have to hold him there for a few seconds for the flap to release. Which is fine when we put him out in it at night, but once he comes out, he can’t get back in. He pushes the flap and as it doesn’t open straight away he gives up. (How do you teach a cat he has to wait there for a few seconds)The cat has completely given up trying to get in, and the house has become utterly pointless and a total waste of money as it doesn’t do what it’s ment to do.

This sometimes can happen.

Your cat doesn’t realise that it’s a door so gives up.

You have to prove to your cat that the door will indeed open and that it’s worth waiting a second or two it will take to unlock for him.

Heres the steps you need to take:

  1. Have the microchip door permanently unlocked, this way your cat will push against the door, and it will open as soon pressure is applied
  2. After a few days or week like this, turn the door on and see if your cat will then push against the door and allow it to open.

Your cat, at this point, will know that it’s a door and a comfy warm room just for them lies on the other side.