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FAQs: Rabbit & Guinea Pig Runs

FAQs Rabbit & Guinea Pig Runs

FAQs Runs & Folding Runs

Here you can find all the questions you need answered


Hi, are you 6ft rabbit runs partitioned off to make in effect 2 runs? Or can they just be used as one run? Can’t really tell from the picture & just looking for a large 6ft run!

We design our runs to have one ample space to use all of the space the run offers freely.

Some of our larger runs have supporting frames that run down the middle of them. This supporting frame does not separate the run into two, and your pets can go around these quickly and do not get in the way.

Hello, will your run shades offer some rain protection too:?

It will repel the rain for a short time, if it’s a brief shower, then it will dry off soon enough.

However wee would recommend not using the Run Shade as any protection against the rain for the reasons below:

  1. The run roofs are flat if the rain persists then the water will pool and the weight will push down and can cause damage to the run.
  2. If pooling persists, it will eventually soak through the material as it is water-resistant only and not waterproof.

Hi I’m looking at getting the 6ft extension rabbit run would this fit any rabbit hutch

The 6ft Extention Run Attachment is designed for the Kendal range of Hutches and Run Combos only and will not be suitable for other run ranges.

Would you be able to tell me how the Chartwell 6ft run attaches to the Chartwell single storey hutch?

The Chartwell Runs attach to the Hutches with a set of Hook & Eyes at either side.

The Hook & Eyes are fixed into place by hand after both the Hutch and Run are butted up to each other.

You un-hook and hook the run from the hutch when needed.

To clean the Hutch the run should be unhooked and moved out of the way, this should be done with two people.

I’m looking at the 6ft Chartwell hutch with the folding XL run. I was wondering whether the run can be used separately or just attached to the hutch?

All Chartwell Runs can be used with the corresponding hutch and as a stand-alone run.

The runs come with two extra wired panels, and if you want to use the run independently, you fix the two panels in place to close off the run altogether.

Looking at purchasing the 5ft double hutch (for two bonded rabbits, not separate) with the run. Looking at the photo the run looks like it’s in two sections? Can you clarify this for me, please? Also; what are the dimensions of both runs please and how do they attach? Thanks

The frame that you see running down the middle is open and there for supporting the roof.

None of our runs are segregated, all of the run space is entirely open, and your pets will be able to use the whole area at any time. 

If you need to section off the run, then this would have to be done by yourself.

The dimensions of the 5ft Chartwell Run and XL run are below:

5ft Chartwell Run Dimensions

  • Width: 1500mm
  • Depth: 980mm
  • Height: 710mm

5ft Chartwell Run XL Dimensions

  • Width: 1500mm
  • Depth: 1980mm
  • Height: 710mm

Is there a cover that fits the Pen which would protect it from the rain/wind.

We don’t offer rain covers for runs because the roof of the runs is flat and rainwater will pool on the top after a while and could damage the run.

Our Run shade will protect against the wind; you can fix the share to the side of the run to provide a sheltered area from both the Sun and wind.

You can view the Run Shades here.

I’m looking for a rabbit run that will go on our rabbit’s lazybones hutch. It needs to be 4ft wide, but over 54cm in height. Do you have something like that?

We are unable to offer covers for other manufactured hutches.

You could try they offer an extensive range of covers and do bespoke sizes.

Does the shelter fit inside any of the runs?

Our Run Shelter fits in the Chartwell range of Runs and the Kendal Run Combo’s

The Cosy Run Shelter does not fit in the Folding range of runs.

Hi, do your folding runs attach to the 4ft Chartwell hutches?

Our folding runs do not fit with any of our Hutches.

looking at 5ft chartwell double hutch however I need a run attached to the side of the hutch. Do you do that?

We do not offer currently any hutch and run combos where the run is to the side of the hutch.