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FAQs Rabbit Hutches

FAQs Rabbit Hutches

Here you can find all the questions you need answered

FAQs Rabbit Hutches

Here you can find all the questions you need answered


Do any of your rabbit hutches have fox proof wire?

Our 5ft Chartwell and 6ft Chartwell rabbit hutches come fitted with Fox Proof Wire as standard. Hower the wire that we use is only meant to be the last resort of defence against predators. For most wild animals that would naturally prey on Rabbits if the see your pets for most of them, it is too much not to try and attack and won’t stop unless they can get into your hutch or be scared away.

We find that the answer lies in the way that Rabbits behave in the wild—creating a hidden and secluded sleeping area out of the way of prying eyes.

To recreate this successful survival technique is to house your pets in a large hutch, our 5ft and 6ft Chartwell Hutches will allow your pets to become hidden entirely away from foxes when they are most active at night. By creating a large living area for them during the day, you are also creating a secluded nighttime bedding area hidden behind an internal divider and a Tounge & Grove door.

Some of our bedding accessories are also an excellent place to look to increase your pet’s comfort and security at night. A large amount of bedding such as our Hay, Straw and Shavings Click Here will give your pet a thicker and more sound deadening sleeping area. Also, our comfy snuggle bed range will hide even the biggest of pet rabbits at night Click Here

Although housing your pets in a large and deep hutch will mean foxes will generally pass through your garden untempted and unknowing of the existence of your pets. Knowing that your rabbit hutch has fox proof wire adds another layer of security and some more peace of mind for you.

Hi there, we are hoping to purchase 2 mini lop bunnies in the coming weeks. Am looking for a hutch which is big enough

We would always recommend rabbit owners to try and create the most significant living and playing area they can for their pets. Our 6ft Chartwell and Kendal range of Hutches and Runs are perfect for providing a substantial floor space in which to allow your pets to live.

Does this hutch come made up

All our Rabbit Hutches and Runs are delivered flat-packed. You will need to assemble your new hutch. An instructions booklet and a screw kit with everything you need along with some special gifts to help you power through.

We would recommend using an electric screwdriver, and because some most of our products are big and heavy, we would recommend having someone there to help you hold some the pannels while they get attached. 

Is there an option of the delivery men assembling the hutch?

I’m afraid we are unable to offer a fully assembled service at this time. If assembly is a problem, you could use a service like or and hire a handy freelance person to put your flat-pack order together for you.

Is the wood protected from the weather

We treat all our outdoor Hutches and Cages with a pet-safe water-based wood preservative giving the wood protection from all types of weather throughout the year.

Depending on the types of weather that you get in the space of a year we would recommend retreating yearly to keep the wood protected from the rain and sun damage.

Do the hutches have plastic trays in the base to prevent the urine from soaking into the wood?

None of our Hutches has pull-out plastic trays, pull out trays is a feature in smaller hutches, and so the tray that gets pulled out is smaller and easier to handle, the floor space of even our smaller 4ft hutches would be too much to pull out.

We also find that that the runners that the trays run on can expand and cause the trays to stick, sometimes resulting in pulling hard and risking damaging the floor or the hutch.

Plastic is also not a material to use for flooring, as this can be ingested by your pets and cause complications. Also, your pet claws will wear down the service, and small plastic fibres can get into your pets fur, food and water.

Making sure that there is an ample fresh supply of bedding be it, Straw, Hay or Eco bedding will protect the hutch floor and help keep your pets dry and clean.

Would you be able to tell me how the Chartwell 6ft run attaches to the Chartwell single storey hutch. As i am unsure whether to buy the stand alone run or the one that attaches. if you have a photo of it attached to a hutch it would help a lot!

All the Chartwell Runs come with a set of Hook & Eyes, attached by hand to the front of the hutch and the run.

The simplest way to achieve the best fit is to but the run up to the hutch, then hand screw both Hook and the Eye to the hutch and run.

When you want to gain access to the hutch or move both hutch and run around the garden, you can unhook them both.

I understand that you would not leave the rabbits in the outside enclosure of a night, but i am worried that this would be easy for those predators who are out during the day to unattach. Have you had any reports from previous customers of this?

We would never recommend leaving your pets in an open run overnight, leaving your pets outside in one of our hutches would be more than suitable.

Making sure that your pets have an excellent sizeable fresh supply of bedding they will make good use of our inbuilt sleeping areas at night. 

The best defence against predators is a large hutch, not just for the weight but to allow your pets to disappear out of sight in the large sleeping compartment effectively.

Preditors like foxes will walk past not tempted to attack, it is, however, good to know that the 5ft and 6ft hutches all come fitted with fox proof wire as another line of defence.

Can I ask if the roof lifts up on this hutch?

None of the roofs on our Rabbit or Guinea Pig hutches lift up, Rabbits are preditor animals and get approaching them from the top can cause your pets to feel worried and cause anxiety. 

My rabbits are finding it hard to get up the ramp, any thoughts on how I can help them?

We set the angle for the ramps based on the hight of the hutch, most hutches on the market are a lot shorter, and so the angle of the ramps are not as steep.

The good news is that all pets get used to it after a while by running up the ramp, this has two benefits;

  1. The speed that they build-up is an excellent exercise
  2. The running up the ramp helps wear down their claws

If however, you want to help your pets get up the slope in the meantime you can take some of the cardboard that makes up the packaging if you still have it and run a pen or knife down the flutes, (the ridges inside the cardboard. Then cat it to size and place it on the ramp for extra grip. You can wedge it underneath the ramp at the top and the bottom to keep it in place.

Use a spare piece of carpet on the ramp to provide grip until your pets to getting up and down; this will be needed to be stuck down with some double-sided tape. 

We would recommend after a while reducing the cardboard or carpet on the ramp by a third every week until your pets can quickly get up and down as the health benefits of them being able to use the ramp on their own are more than worth it.

I’m looking at purchasing the Chartwell 6ft double hutch with the xl run and just wondering when the run is attached can the ground floor hutch doors be left open so they can go from the run into the hutch if they need to?

All our Chartwell Runs can do just that, be connected to the front of a Double or Single Hutch and alow the bottom doors to be left open so that your pets can go in and out as they wish.

Using the runs on there own is not a problem if you need a stand-alone run a couple attach a couple of wired panels (included) and once fitted in place the run will work without the need of a hutch connected.