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  • 10FT+ RABBIT ARK: Universal design offers massive living & run space combined
  • EASE OF USE: Aluminium rail sliding door with Kevlar toggle cord
  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Hand-made in the UK from sustainable timber with >98% live knot grading process
  • EASY CLEAN: Fully removable ark end shutters with locking toggles
  • ANIMAL SAFE TREATMENT: Exclusive Manufacturer TIMBAC® Earth coating (re-treat after 6 months)
  • MULTI-USE: For use as a permanent home or a holiday home for a change of scenery
  • RAMP-FREE: This stylish design is all set on one level, so pets can navigate their home with ease
  • NEST CAVE INCLUDED: The Bunny Ark comes with a cosy bedding area known as a 'Nest Cave', designed for added comfort and the option to add a water bottle


  • Height : 850mm
  • Width: 960mm
  • Depth: 3300mm
  • Entrance: 145 mm x 155mm

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Introducing our 10ft Bunny Ark, the pinnacle of luxury and spaciousness!

Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Britain, our larger-than-life design offers an expansive living and run space that ensures your bunnies have plenty of room to explore, rest, and play to their hearts' content.

Designed for maximum convenience, our 10ft Rabbit Ark features all the same user-friendly elements as its 6ft counterpart. From the aluminium rail sliding door with a durable Kevlar toggle cord to the fully removable ark end shutters with locking toggles, every aspect of our design is geared towards making life easier for both you and your furry companions.

At the heart of our Bunny Ark is a commitment to safety and sustainability. With our exclusive TIMBAC® Earth coating and sustainable timber construction, you can trust that your pets are living in an environment that is not only safe and secure but also environmentally friendly. Plus, with over 98% live knot grading process, our Ark is built to last for years to come.

Versatility knows no bounds with our 10ft Rabbit Ark. Whether it's providing a permanent residence or serving as a deluxe holiday retreat, our spacious design ensures that your pets always have a comfortable and stylish home to call their own.

Bid farewell to cramped living spaces and restrictive dimensions – our 10ft Bunny Ark offers ample space for your pets to stretch, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest. With dimensions of 850mm in height, 960mm in width, and a whopping almost 11 feet in length, along with a convenient entrance measuring 145mm x 155mm, our Ark redefines rabbit housing on a grand scale.

Experience the ultimate in pet luxury with our 10ft Bunny Ark – where size meets style, and your pets' well-being is always paramount. Welcome to a world of spaciousness and comfort for your beloved pets to thrive in.

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