3 Port Peckish Seed & Nyger Feeder | Perforated Food Tray



  • 3 feeding ports enables a number of birds to feed on the feeder at the same time
  • Feed all common bird with seed varieties and mixes including nyjer seed
  • No mess seed tray to help reduce seed loss
  • Easily dismantles into simple to clean sections
  • Holds approximately 500 g of mixed birdseed

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The Peckish 3 Port Bird Feeder gives the option of feeding any seed to the birds visiting your garden

The feeders’ tough plastic construction is easy to clean and separates into multiple parts with ease making the bird feeder very simple to clean.

The bird feeders base tray reduces mess and waste by capturing seeds

This lowers the likelihood of them falling to the ground and being eaten by larger birds, pests or going to waste. Use with Peckish food and locate in an area near but not too close to cover to attract the top 10 and many more of the UK's popular birds to your garden.



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