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4ft Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo

  • HELPING SUSTAINABLE FORESTS: 2 Trees Planted for Every 1 Cut Down
  • BIGGEST AND MOST SPACIOUS ON THE MARKET: 2 feet depth and 4 feet high
  • ROBUST: 10mm timber side panel construction
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Instructions are included on this page and sent with your order
  • FLEXIBLE: Face the hutch either way for easier access
  • TREATED WITH PET SAFE PAINT: To protect from the weather (recommended to retreat between seasons)


  • Approx. Overall Run:1220 mm x 975mm x 610 mm
  • Approx. Overall Hutch: 1220 mm x 610 mm x 610 mm
  • Internal Hutch Height: 550 mm


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The 4ft Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo - Deepest 4ft Hitches on the Market

The 4ft Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo is the ideal solution for saving space. No other pet housing on the market offers so much in such a compact size.

The hutch section is one of the deepest and highest on the market and has a handy ramp trapdoor to stop your pets from going on midnight manoeuvres. You can even reverse the direction the hutch faces depending on your garden layout.

Because of the way the 4ft Kendal guinea pig hutch and run combo is designed they offer your pets the maximum amount of living space while taking the minimum amount of room in your garden. Not only do they offer a massive amount of room for your small pets inside a compact footprint, the higher hutch living area means you don't have to bend down to gain access

Did you Know?

When housing your pets, it is important to give them as much space as possible. The hutch is just the start. It’s a bedroom – not a house. Find out more here:

Guinea pigs need a balanced and varied diet - click here for more information

Rain covers offer a little more protection from the elements. Get one here:

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