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4ft Kendal Hutch Hugger™ | Keep Your Pets Dry With Scratch & Newton’s Wind And Rain Cover


About this item

  • MADE TO FIT: Designed to be worn on Home & Roost hutches only*
  • PROTECTION: Helps protect your pets from wind and rain
  • CLEAR FRONT: See more of your happier pet with a see-through front
  • WEATHER-PROOF: Hutch can stay outside in all weather
  • SAVE TIME: No more makeshift protection
  • SAVE MONEY: Keeps food and bedding fresh for longer
*Please note that the Kendal Hutch Hugger and Chartwell Single Hugger are one and the same. Therefore if purchasing for a Kendal Hutch & Run Combo, whilst the cover does fit, the hutch does not have legs to attach the straps to, in which case the hugger will need to be tucked in between the hutch and the run in order to secure.



  • Length: 123 cm
  • Height: 63cm
  • Width: 65.5cm

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Scratch and Newton’s Hutch Hugger™, the revolutionary product that will bring you complete peace of mind by enhancing your pet’s lifestyle

Designed and built specifically for this Chartwell hutch, the Scratch & Newton Hutch Hugger is extremely easy to fit. Simply place it over the hutch, pop the legs through the loops, tighten the straps and that’s it!

The Scratch & Newton Hutch Hugger is a high-quality hutch cover perfect for ensuring your pet does not feel the brunt of the harsh weather. What’s more, the impressive hutch hugger™ can save you money by helping to keep food fresh and bedding dry.

Why is a Cover Important?

Here at Home & Roost, we stock a variety of covers for our Single and Double Tier Hutches. It's important to consider protection from the wind and rain as a hutch alone cannot keep out all weathers.

For more information on our covers, check out the link below or view our entire range here.

How do the covers work with the hutches?