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4ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo

4ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo


  • Flexible Delivery Options (Next Day Delivery Cut Off 13:30 Mon-Fri)
  • Robust 10MM timber side panel and sleeping door construction
  • Designed and manufactured right here in the UK
  • Deeper and Higher than other Rabbit Hutches on the market
  • Robust 10mm timber used on the side panels and sleeping door
  • Cosy arched divided bedding area
  • Ramp trap door for securing pets at night or separating
  • Central wire panel for a water bottle
  • Aluminium barrel bolts
  • Back or front-facing hutch positioning
  • 1”x ½” galvanized wire mesh run
  • Hutch and Run weatherproofed to help protect against weather
  • Easy diagram assembly
  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee




The Largest 4Ft Hutch & Run Combo on the Internet

The 4ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run lead the market for space with a small footprint.

The hutch section is deep and high to give your guinea pigs plenty of space and keep them safe off the ground. There is even a lockable trapdoor so you can let your guinea pigs run during the day and keep them safe in the hutch at night.

The hutch is also designed with you in mind. While the run is at ground level, the hutch is raised to the perfect height so you do not have to bend down to visit your pets.

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Give Your Pets the Space they need with the 4ft Kendal Hutch and Run

Owners that want to give their pets plenty of exercise and room to explore while still keeping them safe at night will love the 4ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run. This hutch offers a minimum footprint with the maximum of interior space. That means a healthy guinea pig that is happy and entertained.

The hutch is also designed so that it can face either direction while sitting on top of the run That means you can customise it to your needs. that  makes this particular guinea pig hutch very versatile.

The built in run means your guinea pigs have lots of grass to explore and exercise on. This is perfect during the day when you want them to get out and enjoy the outdoors. At night when you want to make sure they are safe you can close the door to the ramp. This ensures your guinea pits are safe and sound in their elevated hutch.

Another great feature of all our guinea pig hutches is their high build quality. The 4ft Kendal Hutch and Run are manufactured in the UK using beautiful 10mm Scandinavian timber. The Kendal range of hutches also includes a central section with sides constructed of wire mesh. This is perfect if you want to hang water bottles, toys or other guinea pig goodies on the hutch.

This hutch and run combo is designed to provide everything your guinea pig needs. While the run allows for more exercise and the main section of the hutch offers room to move and comfort, there is also an enclosed sleeping area. This is important as it provides a place for your guinea pig to feel safe and secluded. It is also perfect for nighttime and naps.


  • Hutch covers will at another layer of protection for your pets and help protect your hutch from harsher weather conditions
  • Regular hutch cleaning will keep your pet healthy and extend the life of your hutch
  • Apply a water-based wood preservative between seasons to maintain the durability of the hutch
  • Always position in a safe and sheltered area in the garden.
  • Adding a second bottle to the run section so your pets(s) will always have access water