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6ft Chartwell Guinea Pig Run

6ft Chartwell Guinea Pig Run



  • Can be used as a stand-alone run or attached to a corresponding sized single, double or 2 tier hutch
  • Made by hand in Great Britain
  • Independently opening doors in the roof for easy access
  • Tallest run enclosure on the market, 2.3 ft height
  • 1 inch by 1/2 inch 19 Gauge wire mesh used throughout

Dimensions 6ft Run:

  • Width: 1760mm
  • Depth: 990mm
  • Height: 690mm

Dimensions 6ft Run XL:

  • Width: 1760mm
  • Depth: 1980mm
  • Height: 690mm

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A Huge Run for your Guinea Pigs all year round.

The 6 Foot Chartwell Guinea Pig Run is a great way to keep your guinea pig healthy and happy. This run provides a huge amount of space for your pigs to run around, stretch out and even stand up on their hind legs. It also attaches to the range of Chartwell hutches which means you can quickly double the space your guinea pigs have to explore. The 6ft Chartwell Run also works great as a standalone run. It is easy to move around and perfect for bonding with your guinea pigs.

  • Our Rabbit and Guinea Pig runs are designed to allow your pets to enjoy the outside safely. Although fun for your pets, a run is no protection for your pets overnight or unaccompanied against predators. We would always recommend securing your pets inside a hutch overnight or when unaccompanied.
  • Our runs are not compatible with any 3rd party tubing system. We would recommend using the tubing manufactures own range of runs.

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6ft Chartwell Run

Why Chartwell Runs Are Great For Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig run can help keep your pets both mentally and physically happy. Our runs provide a large space to play. This encourage lots of movement which keeps guinea pigs fit and healthy. The runs also provide 360 degree views of the outside world, access to grass and a new place to explore. That keeps guinea pigs minds active and provides plenty of stimulation so they are not bored.
This helps your guinea pigs live longer happier lives and can even cut down on vet bills. Plus a healthy guinea pig is more active which makes them much more interesting pets.

The Perfect Fit For Our Chartwell Guinea Pig Hutches

The runs can be easily connected to a Chartwell Hutch. We provide two extra wired panels as well as extra sets of hooks and eyes. This means you can simply attach the run to the hutch without large modifications or compromising the security provided against predators. This effectively doubles the space your guinea pigs have to enjoy.
The hutch run combination is also easy to detach. That means you can attach the run for summer to give your guinea pigs more space and detach it in winter when wet weather and wind pose a greater risk to guinea pigs health.

Designed With Guinea Pigs In Mind

All of our products are designs with your guinea pigs welfare in mind. We go the extra mile so our customers know any purchase with us is the best option for their pets. All of the wood we use is treated with pet safe water based wood preservatives. We also use 1 inch by 0.5 inch galvanised wire mesh to keep your pets safe, prevent their feet from getting stuck and provide a great place to hang water bottles and feeders. Our runs are even designed with two independently opening top doors to make it easier and safer to interact with your guinea pigs. To keep quality high, all of our hutches are made in the UK by hand.

H&R Recommendations

  • Depending on the use of the run and weather conditions, re-apply using a water-based preservative
  • Always try and position the run in a secluded area or attach a Run Shade to provide a shaded section for your pets
  • Place toys and boredom busters inside the enclosure top encourage movement and interaction
  • With the help of another person move the run around your garden to protect your grass and give your pets a new patch to run around on
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