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Sleepy Paws Self Heating Pet Pad Cat / Dog Bed Small

Sleepy Paws Self Heating Pet Pad Cat / Dog Bed Small

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  • SAVES YOU MONEY: No Batteries Or Power Needed
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: Pet Pad Measures 48cm x 38cm
  • COSY SLEEPING GUARANTEED: A beautifully soft mock fleece outer lining
  • YOUNG AND OLD: Suitable for Kittens, Puppies and full-grown pets
  • PERFECTLY SAFE: Uses your pets body heat no chance of overheating
  • GIVE SOME LOVE: Ideal for stray cats with outdoor cat houses
  • A BREEZE TO CLEAN: Just remove the outer layer and machine wash
  • KEEPS YOUR CHAISE LOUNGE SAFE: Use it in the house and protect your furniture
  • DIMENSIONS: 48cm x 38cm

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The great thing about our Sleepy Paws Pet Pad from Ancol is that they don’t use any electricity for your pets to keep snug and warm. Just like camping out in the woods with a good quality sleeping bag, no matter how cold it gets outside the thermal underlayer and the soft fury outer quickly traps the natural body heat and reflects it up back to your pet.

Perfect paired up with one of our best selling Cat or Dog House’s as an added layer of insulation. Pet owners also use the Pet Pad around the home, placed on the floor or in a pet bed. You can also use the pad directly on your sofa or chair, helping your pet stay warm while protecting your furniture at the same time.

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Sleepy Paws Self Heating Pet Pad Small

Was it Albert Einstien or Issac Newton that said: “The best ideas are the simple ones.”? We’re not sure either, but what we are entirely sure of is that the simple yet highly efficient design of our Cosy Paws Pet Pad from Ancol is one of the most effective ways to keep your pets nice and toasty.

A simple yet ingenious self-reflecting and thermal insulation layer do all the hard work trapping your pet’s body heat then sending it back to its source. The outer casing is a super soft and machine washable. The underside of the Pet Pad is grippy and designed to prevent the pad sliding around.