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Rosewood Snuggles Carrot Tunnel | Fun Design 50cm Length For Small Animals


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  • UNIQUE CARROT DESIGN: Rosewood's Carrot Tunnel features an eye-catching and exclusive carrot print that is sure to delight both pets and their owners
  • ENTERTAINMENT & SECURITY: This fabric tunnel is designed to provide entertainment and a sense of security for your pets, offering them a fun and cosy space to explore, hide, and play, while also feeling safe and comfortable
  • VERSATILE & EXPANDABLE: With Velcro tabs at each end, the Carrot Fabric Tunnel can be easily connected to one or more tunnels, allowing you to create a custom play area for your pets that can be expanded or reconfigured as needed
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL ANIMALS: Ideal for guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, and most rabbits, this tunnel measures 50cm long and 22cm in diameter, making it a suitable play and relaxation space for a range of small pets
  • EASY CARE: To keep the Carrot Tunnel clean and fresh for your pets, simply hand wash and line dry as needed. This ensures a hygienic and comfortable environment for your furry friends to enjoy their new play area.

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Rosewood Snuggles Carrot Tunnel, a charming addition to your small pet's playtime repertoire.

Featuring a unique and delightful carrot print, this fabric tunnel adds a touch of whimsy to your pet's environment, sure to captivate both pets and their owners alike. Not only does it serve as a visual delight, but it's also designed with your pet's entertainment and security in mind.

Crafted to provide a blend of fun and comfort, the Carrot Fabric Tunnel offers your furry friends a cosy retreat where they can explore, hide, and play to their heart's content. Its versatile design, complete with Velcro tabs at each end, allows for easy connection to additional tunnels, enabling you to customize and expand their play area as needed. Ideal for guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, and most rabbits, this tunnel offers a snug and inviting space for a variety of small pets.

Practicality meets convenience with the Carrot Tunnel's easy-care features. Simply hand wash and line dry as needed to keep the tunnel clean and fresh, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable environment for your pets to enjoy. Elevate your pet's playtime experience with Rosewood's Carrot Tunnel, providing them with endless hours of entertainment and relaxation in a space they'll love to call their own.

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