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Sharples and Grant Cat ‘N’ Scratch Playpost and Ball

Sharples and Grant Cat ‘N’ Scratch Playpost and Ball

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  • Base and Sisal post only takes a minute to put together and you're ready to go
  • Suited for small cats and kittens
  • Soft velvet material covered base no carpet loops to get stuck on
  • A great way for your cat to stretch their shoulders and back
  • Gets rid of outer nail sheaths that build up and need removing
  • Help get rid of surplus energy, relieves stress and built-up emotion
  • Natural colours to blend in with your room
  • 29cm x 39cm x 29cm

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Cats love to scratch; on the surface, it may look like they have a personal vendetta against you and your furniture. But punishing your cat for doing something that comes naturally isn’t fair on your cat and will only hinder your relationship.

When you see your cat reaching up to scratch your sofa, your cat will stretch which is good exercise, and clawing at the fabric gets rid of the outer nail sheaths. Also, the marks they leave let other felines know who’s territory it is. The smart move is to divert their attention away from the chez lounge and onto something that’s designed to take all the abuse your little kitty can throw at it.

Enter the much-loved accessory cat owners all over the world couldn’t do without… The Scratching Post

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Cat 'n' Scratch Play Post & Ball

Cat ‘n’ Scratching Post & Ball

Our Playpost Cat Scratching Post is perfect for the small cat or kitten when it comes to scratching and stretching. If you have a new feline addition to your home or already have a cat that’s more on the petite side, introducing them to the Playpost Cat Scratcher from Sharples N Grant will help save your furniture and keep your cat entertained.

The post and base come delivered in two pieces, the assembly is simple and takes next to no time to have it ready for use. The post comes covered in sisal rope which is ideal to encourage your cat to scratch and claw. A ball which comes attached to the top of the post keeps your cats entertained and encourages to reach up stretching the back and shoulders. The base of the scratching post is 29 cm squared and covered in a luxury soft velvet type material; giving your cats not only a comfortable place to relax but also helps keep the structure upright when being used.

Using The Playpost & Ball Cat Scratching Post

Ideally, all cat owners would love to be able to get in there first before the signs of ware on the furniture appear. To be safe we would recommend a play post for all homes with cats in. If you’re introducing a new kitten to your home, our Cat ‘n’ Scratch Post & Ball is perfect for your first scratcher.

If you start to see signs that your feline friend has started to attack your furniture or you just want to add a scratching poll to their daily activities follow these easy steps:

  1. Place the scratching post near where your cats been scratching, sofa curtains etc or in an area your cats use frequently.
  2. Reward your cat with a treat and attention for using their new post to help reinforce their behaviour.
  3. After a while, If needed you can move the scratching post to a more suitable location.

The Cat ‘n’ Scratch Post & Ball is a vital accessory for your small cat or kitten. If your new to the wonderful world of cat ownership having a cat scratcher is a great way, you can learn about the fascinating world and psychology of cats, not to mention being great fun and satisfying for your pets.

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