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Fordwich Green Wall Mounted Bird Table | Log Lap Design | Delivered In Two Parts


About this item

  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Made in Great Britain from Sustainable Forests - 2 Trees Planted for Every 1 Cut Down
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Unique Log Lap wood used for the feeder house section
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Delivered to you in two parts for an easy pain-free assembly
  • DURABLE: A thick wooden roof provides all year long shelter
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO COLOURS: Also available in black roof finish

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Decorate your garden walls and fences with this elegantly designed Fordwich Black Wall Mounted Bird Table

A garden just isn’t complete without a Bird Table. Bird watchers and keen gardeners alike all agree that good quality bird table doesn’t just look nice but also fulfils an important role. Bird tables all over the country are a much-needed provider of food and act as a perfect bird feeding station for different species all year long. Delivered in two parts our bird tables also make fantastic gifts.

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Weight 6 kg