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Greenfeathers Eco-Friendly Hedgehog Feeder

Greenfeathers Eco-Friendly Hedgehog Feeder



  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS - The roof is made of a recycled plastic and is completely waterproof.
  • SAFE & SECURE HABITAT -  Handmade sturdy wooden box, designed specifically for providing a habitat for wild hedgehogs.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Hinged roof with secure fixings, a fixed base so it can't be toppled, and a roomy interior.
  • LESS HEALTH RISK - Twin treated with an anti-bacterial water based coating to prevent the spread of disease.
  • PREDATOR PROOF - Double staggered entrance makes it hard for any predators to gain entrance.
  • SEPARATE ROOMS - Divided into different "rooms", helping hold warmth and preventing predators such as foxes from reaching in.


  • 800mm x 400mm x 240mm (inc. roof overhang)
  • Inside space - 655mm x 300mm x 190mm
  • Inside feeding area - 375mm x 300mm
  • Entrances - 120mm x 120mm
  • Entrance corridors - 120mm x 300mm x 190mm

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Handmade, Eco-Friendly Hedgehog Feeder

This wooden hedgehog feeding station is ideal for installing in your garden to feed hungry visiting hedgehogs. With double-staggered entrances and a secure roof, this hedgehog box is an ideal place for your spiky visitors to get some grub. Using the best quality sustainable materials, this box will last for years.

The eco-roof is made of recycled composite materials with the added benefit of being completely waterproof and rot-proof. It’s built with a sloping roof for water drainage along with additional grooves on the top of the side panels. The lid is hinged and lockable. Ventilation is provided by a clog-proof, narrow gap under the roof along the front.

Here are more reasons to love our hedgehog feeders

✅ The feeding area is out of view to protect from predators
✅ Encourages hedgehogs to take up permanent residence
✅ Shelters hedgehogs from both the summer heat and cold winter weather
✅ Perfect gifting idea for friends and family
✅ Offers a safe retreat from strimmers, forks and other garden tools

Give your new buddy a place to feed in peace. Add Greenfeathers Eco-Friendly Hedgehog Feeder to your basket TODAY!

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