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HayPigs!® Junior Food Tamer™ | Mini Food Bowl

HayPigs!® Junior Food Tamer™ | Mini Food Bowl



  • Easy and fast delivery
  • Helps your guinea pig stay healthy
  • Perfect portion control
  • Suitable for other small pets, such as hamsters


  • Diameter: 110mm
  • Height: 40mm
  • Bowl Opening: 70mm


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Perfect Portion Control!

Just the right size to help control pellet intake for your guinea pigs as well as being ideal for hamsters, gerbils and even hedgehogs

As pellet food (also known as nuggets or kibble) should only be around 5% of a guinea pigs’ diet, the Junior Food Tamer™ bowl is great for controlling the potions of your piggies with a capacity of a ¼ of a cup – perfect for two piggies to share.

As it is also tip-proof, it keeps waste to a minimum!

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