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4ft Kendal Luxury Rabbit Hutch and Run Combo

4ft Kendal Luxury Rabbit Hutch and Run Combo




  • BRITSH MANUFACTURING: The only Rabbit Hutches built in the UK
  • SIZE MATTERS:  Biggest 4ft Rabbit Hutches on the market
  • HEAVY AND THICK: 10MM timber side panels and hutch sleeping door
  • STRETCH OUT: Largest sleeping area with arched divider
  • MAXIMISE SPACE: Center wired panel for hanging Water Bottles, Hay Feeders etc
  • PEACE OF MIND: Ramp with side safety rails + Ramp trap door
  • PET AND NATURE SAFE: Waterbase treated (retreat between seasons)
  • STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Easy diagram assembly, Screws, and a special gift
  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee


  • Approx. Overall Run: 4ft x 3.2ft x 2ft
  • Approx. Overall Hutch: 4ft x 2ft x 2ft
  • Internal Hutch Height: 55cm

Assembly Documents


The Largest 4Ft Hutch & Run Combo on the Internet

The 4ft Kendal Hutch and Run is a real little trooper. No other pet housing on the market offers so much in such a compact size.

The hutch section is one of the deepest and highest on the market and has a handy ramp trapdoor to stop your pets from going on midnight manoeuvres. You can even reverse the direction the hutch faces depending on your garden layout.

Because of the way the Kendal hutch and run combos are designed they offer your pets the maximum amount of living space while taking the minimum amount of room in your garden. Not only do they offer a massive amount of room for your small pets inside a compact footprint, the higher hutch living area means you don’t have to bend down to gain access.

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Give Your Pets the Space they need with the 4ft Kendal Hutch and Run

As you know, it’s essential for all responsible pet owners that your pets can freely move around and be safe at night. In the past, this could be difficult in smaller spaces with less flexibility. This is why we’ve created the 4ft version of this popular range. This 4ft hutch and run combo may be the most modest in the Kendal range but doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on any of the fantastic features the Kendals can offer.

For smaller compact spaces, the 4ft Kendal comes into its own. Designing the housing unit to sit on top of the run means that you get the benefit of one of the deepest and highest rabbit hutches on the market and a full size run without the combined footprint. The added flexibility of being able to have the housing unit face either forward or back means you can customise the compact yet roomy combo to suit your needs.

Your pets can run around on the grass in the lower section freely, and when the mood takes them, they can quickly hop upstairs for some privacy. At night it couldn’t be easier to secure your precious cargo. Your new Kendal Hutch and Run come fitted with a ramp shut-off. Closing the ramp door is simple and doing so will keep your pets safely in the sleeping area all night.

Manufactured in the UK, we use thick 10mm Scandinavian timber for the hutch side panels and sleeping area door. The housing section also has a convenient wired central area in-between the front doors for permanently attaching water bottles, hay feeders or other accessories.

The sleeping area is sheltered by a thick Tongue and Groove door, separated from the rest of the housing section by a divider. A ridged ramp with safety side rails provides access to the large 1 inch x ½ inch galvanized wired run section. The Kendal 4ft Luxury Rabbit Hutch and Run Combo are in our Hall of Fame for being able to do some much in such a compact form.

Both Hutch and Run are weatherproofed with an animal-safe water-based wood preservative, which will help protect from rain and sun deterioration.

H&R Recommendations

  • Hutch covers will at another layer of protection for your pets and help protect your hutch from harsher weather conditions
  • Regular hutch cleaning will keep your pet healthy and extend the life of your hutch
  • Apply a water-based wood preservative between seasons to maintain the durability of the hutch
  • Always position in a safe and sheltered area in the garden.
  • Adding a second bottle to the run section so your pets(s) will always have access water

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