Outdoor Dog Kennel Self Heating Pet Pad with One Way Privacy Window

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Product Description

Outdoor Wooden Dog Kennels

Our Wooden Outdoor Dog Kennel’s offer the perfect garden shelter for small to medium-sized domestic dog and represents excellent value for money. The Bodmin Medium is hand made in the UK, using 10mm Scandinavian Tongue & Groove timber, has a 9mm thick floor and has been weather proofed with animal safe wood preservative to protect from rain and sun deterioration.

Integral legs lift the kennel off the ground to prevent rising damp and ensure adequate air circulation under the floor. To help Internal circulation as well as heat in the Summer months, there are a number of small rear ventilation holes.  The door opening is fitted with a PetSafe® Staywell® pet door, providing an easy access and exit while shutting out the wind and rain.

If you need to lock the Dog Kennel door for a period of time a closing panel included can be used to deny any access to your Kennel while away. Each Dog Kennel comes with a Self Heating Pet Pad providing a soft and warm floor for your dog or dogs to lay or nap. A toughened one-way privacy screen is fitted to the side of the door so your dog can see out but nothing else can see in.

This secures your Dogs safety and allows them to partake in a joyous lookout session. Cleaning your new Dog Kennel or just checking the inside is easy with the hinged open and shut roof.


  • Made in The UK and Constructed of Thick European Pinus Timber
  • Robust 10mm T&G side and front timber construction
  • 9mm thick floor
  • Open and Close PetSafe Pet Door with locking plate option
  • Self Heating Pet Mat
  • A Hinged open and shut roof with sloping green water resistant mineral felt.
  • Integral legs and rear ventilation holes for good air circulation
  • Weather proofed
  • Easy diagram assembly
  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee


  • Regular Kennel cleaning will keep your dog healthy and extend the life of your Kennel.
  • Apply a water based wood preservative between seasons to ensure the longevity of your kennel.
  • Always position your kennel in a sheltered area of your garden.

Dog Kennel Dimensions 

  • Width: 860mm
  • Depth: 700mm
  • Height: 700mm (front)
  • Height: 675mm (back)

Petsafe Pet Door Dimensions

  • Width: 215mm
  • Height: 245mm

Maximin Pet Shoulder Width

  • 219mm

Maximum Pet Weight

  • 18kg