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Outdoor Microchip Cat Hotel With Look Out Lounge & Mezzanine Sleeping Deck

Outdoor Microchip Cat Hotel With Look Out Lounge & Mezzanine Sleeping Deck



  • Hand-built in the United Kingdom of Tough European Grown Pinus timber
  • Unique One Way Privacy Outlook Window made of Toughened Polymethyl
  • Lift up hinged roof for easy cleaning
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK Constructed of Thick European Pinus Timber
  • FREE Rare Japanese Matatabi Catnip Stick for Transitioning
  • Fitted with a Microchip Cat Flap

Cat House Dimensions

  • Height 760mm x Width 860mm x Depth 720mm
  • Mezzanine Floor 800mm x 320mm (280 Height From Floor)

Assembly Documents

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

Do you have a stray cat that you always see hanging around? is the unfortunate moggy still at the end of your drive when you go to work in the morning? Do you feel guilty when you’re in your warm house at night, and it starts to rain outside not knowing where it is?

Or are you a loving cat owner and worry when it ventures out? Join thousands of responsible cat owners and kindly hearted animal lovers who have quickly found the solution to their concerns. Our Cat Shelters have brought security to stray and homed cats alike.

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Not sure what size of Cat House to get?

Step 1

Take a look at the inside measurements
Step 2
Measure out the space using some old newspaper

Step 3

See if its big enough for your cat when they’re relaxing?

What is the Purpose of the Cat House?

Our Outdoors Cat Homes are designed to provide your cat with a warm, safe and secure shelter. Placed around your house or in the garden the Cat houses become a fantastic base for your cat to go back and forth during the day’s adventures and discoveries. Your Cat will soon love it’s new outdoor home and to help ease the transitioning we’ve included a free Japanese Matatabi Catnip Stick.
We know cats love to watch over there territory, so we fitted a sizeable one-way window so that they can survey their kingdom. This way they can still be on “look-out” no matter the weather.

What Makes Our Outdoor Cat Shelter Different?

We love to hear stories from our customers telling us how happy their cats are with their new outdoor houses. Our customers like the fact that there is no assembly needed and that within a couple of minutes from delivery, have their new home up and ready. You’ll also be surprised how fast your cat will take to its new home.

Our Cat Houses are designed and manufactured right here in the UK using FSC timber. Unlike other shelters that have been planned by faceless corporations and put together by a factory in the Far East we understand pets, because we’re animal lovers. Our Outdoor Cat House is like no other on the market, made to stand up against the worst the weather can throw at it.

Our proven Cat Houses have provided a second home for cared for house cats and a sanctuary for stray cats all over Europe. A cat flap fitted to the entrance means easy entry for the fury owner and ensure rain and wind stay out. The one way darkened lookout window is an especially loved feature, perfect for laying in complete comfort with an excellent view over his or her territory.

Where Can Your New Outdoor Cat House Be used?

Our customers tell us that watching their feline friends make their way inside for the first time was their favourite part. Your Outdoor Cat House can go anywhere, although picking the right place is essential. We’d advise you to place it in an area that you know is safe from traffic and excessive noise (your cat will love to take some naps inside).

You don’t have to just use the cat houses at home, we’ve had customers use theirs at offices, warehouses and even as a permanent fixture in the back of a van. Cats love consistency too, their more likely to enjoy there home quicker once they know it’s not going anywhere, so pick a spot you know won’t get in the way.

You Could Make All The Difference To Stray and Abandoned Cats

If you, like many of our fantastic customers, are troubled by the sight of stray cats wandering around and wished you could have a positive effect on the quality of their life. Then the Outdoor Cat House could be the perfect way you can help!

Cat Charities and the RSPCA do a great job, but they get thousands of calls every year about abandoned and stray cats. Although they receive donations, they still struggle to keep up with demand. If you want to help a local stray directly, there is no quicker way to help then to provide it with a safe and secure shelter.

By providing the stray or abandoned cat with an Outdoor Cat House, your not just increasing its chance of survival but also improving its quality of life. Our Outdoor Cat House will quickly provide safety from potential attacks, shelter from the rain and a guaranteed place you know it can get food and water.

We’ve found that over time stray cats with a nervous disposition find being able to look through the one-way window promotes calmness and helps them relax.

How to use the Outdoor Cat House

Although the legs that come with the Cat House are optional, we’d recommend installing them from the start. Not only do they lift the cat shelter up off the ground protecting the housing unit from rising damp, but they also provide a better viewing position for your cat to look out through the one-way window.

Cleaning your new cat house couldn’t be more straightforward when you know the owner is not in just lift the hinged roof up for access. You can change food, water or give their favourite blanket a pat-down ready for their return!

Did You Know?

Originally our Outdoor Cat House was designed to be some sheltered homes for a group of stray cats abandoned from a meat factory that closed down. The cats were used to keep the vermin population under control and were left to fend for them selfs!

If you find a stray or abandoned cat or know of one here is some online guides that could help.

What to do if you find a stray cat.

Helping stray and feral cats

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