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Peckish Metal Ground Feeder



  • EASY CLEANING - Removable mesh tray for easy cleaning
  • DURABILITY - Made from durable metal materials making it suitable for feeding in all seasons
  • STABILITY - Large metal legs to aid stability and reduce the likelihood of the feeder being over turned
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST BIRDS - Large tray suitable for encouraging both large and small birds

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The Peckish Metal Ground Feeder Tray is ideal for using to help feed ground-feeding wild birds.

This high quality, durable metal tray has been designed to withstand most weather conditions as the feeders metal legs should keep this Peckish ground feeder tray stable to avoid the risk of the feeder being overturned and the food inside becoming wasted.

It is important that all your bird feeders and feeding areas are kept clean to make them safe for our feathered friends to continue feeding from, and cleaning is made easy with the Peckish Feeder Tray as the mesh tray can be removed which ensures every area of this black, metal bird feeder can be accessed and disinfected before being refilled with more tasty food for your garden birds.