Rosewood Naturals Gnawable Holly Leaves For Small Animals | 3 Festive Treats



About this item

  • TREAT: Designed to be a complementary pet treat for small animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas
  • NATURAL: Made with dried grasses (timothy hay, alfalfa) with carrot flavoured 'berries'
  • TWINE: Hang these up with natural twine and decorate your pet's room
  • 3-PACK - Contains three delicious festive treats.


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Don't leaf out these tasty treats this Christmas - Keep your pets entertained with these Holiday Holly Leaves.

Spoil your small animal this Christmas with these Rosewood Festive Gnawable Holly Leaves. Crisp and crunchy, and made with dried grasses (timothy hay, alfalfa) with carrot flavoured 'berries' for that perfect festive effect!

Complete with natural twine for hanging up.

Each leaf measures 11cm at the widest point, and there are three leaves included in each pack.

Have a merry Christmas and remember to keep your pets safe this holiday.

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