Solar Basking Infrared Heat Lamp 100w | Low-light | Perfect for Night-time Heating



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  • INFRARED: Infrared spot lamp for terrariums, creating a basking area for thermoregulation
  • HEAT SOURCE: Ideal for heating a tortoise table during the day or night
  • LOW LIGHT: Provide heat without overstimulating your pet with a bright light
  • THERMOSTATIC CONTROL: Can be used with a thermostatic control system


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Solar Basking Infrared Heat Lamp

The Arcadia Reptile Solar Basking Infrared light is a wide beam flood red glass E27 100W bulb. This lamp has been designed to heat the vivarium or table with little noticeable visible light.

It is recommend that you use natural slate or similar under the heat source, this will store the heat in a natural way during the day and then release this energy back during the evening.

This will aid stabilisation of enclosure temperatures not only during the day, but overnight when required.

Use in conjunction with a UV-B emitting lamp.

Click here for a more in-depth guide to tortoise lighting.

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