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Vitakraft Guinea Pig Menu 1KG | For A Vital Life | All Natural No Added Sugar or Preservatives


About this item

  • ALL NATURAL: No colours or preservatives, no artificial flavourings, no added sugar
  • VITAMIN C: Enriched with Vitamin C to prevent symptoms of deficiency, such as loss of appetite or dull coat
  • FIBRE: High crude fibre content promotes dental abrasion and healthy digestion
  • ODOUR STOP: Natural minerals and plant extracts reduce unpleasant odours in excrement

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Your guineas will love to 'pig' out on this healthy addition to our new Vitakraft range

A premium species-specific recipe for Guinea Pigs, Vitakraft Guinea Pig Menu Food has been specifically developed to provide balanced nutrition for your pet so they can live a happy and healthy life, blending naturally delicious and wholesome alfalfa, fruity apple, cereals and vegetables for an ideal daily feed.

Providing an appealing variety of tastes and textures, Vitakraft Guinea Pig Menu Food is a muesli-style mix, combining premium quality ingredients. It provides a high-fibre diet enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, encouraging longer chewing to wear down your guinea pig’s constantly growing teeth and helping to ensure optimal nutrition.

It also promotes healthy digestion, and contains extra Vitamin C to help prevent deficiency symptoms such as loss of appetite or a dull coat.

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