XL External Microchip Self Heating Cat Kennel with One Way Privacy Window

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Product Description

This External Cat Shelter has a unique self-heating pad and toughened one-way privacy screen so your cat can see out but nothing else can see in. This secures your cats safety and allows them to partake in a joyous lookout session. The Cat Shelter legs can be attached in two configurations to keep it dry and above the ground or alternatively just place it on a table or a higher secure area. Arrives to your door fully Assembled with rare Matatabi catnip stick to help your Cat transition to their new external safe zone. Hand built in the United Kingdom of Tough European Grown Pinus timber.


  • Approx size: 91cm x 51.5cm x 60cm
  • Unique One Way Privacy Outlook Window made of Toughened Polymethyl
  • Self Heating Sheepskin style Base Covering (Machine Washable)
  • Made in The UK and Constructed of Thick European Pinus Timber
  • Arrives Fully Assembled with Rare Japanese Matatabi Catnip Stick for Transitioning
  • Fitted with the SUREFLAP® Microchip Cat Flap
  • House section delivered Fully Assembled, leg’s and screws supplied.