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10 Rabbit Care Tips for Hot Weather

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit Care Tips for summer

We’ve enjoyed some warmer weather recently (and a few storms) and it’s a good sign that summer is really just around the corner. While most of us enjoy the warmer weather it’s important to remember that rabbits are not quite so keen. Rabbits aren’t very good at tolerating the heat and they can die from overheating and sunstroke. How can you help keep your rabbit happy and cool during when the weather heats up? Here are 10 rabbit care tips to help.

  1. Move the rabbit hutch and run out of the sun and into the shade.

  2. Place some ice cubes in the water bowl or bottle to keep the water cooler for longer. Remember to check the water several times a day to replace warm water and to top up.

  3. Groom your rabbit regularly to get rid of any excessive fur. There’s no need to shave your rabbit just keep them tidy and free from knots and matting. Long haired rabbits may benefit from a trim.

  4. On very hot days your rabbit might enjoy a large pop bottle that’s been filled with water and frozen. These can be used for your rabbit to lean against when the temperature soars.

  5. NEVER submerge your rabbit in water as it can cause rabbits to go into shock.

  6. DON’T dampen your rabbits with cold water. You can spray very fine mist on your rabbits’ ears as this can help to keep them cool, but don’t dampen their ears.

  7. Take your rabbit to the vets to be vaccinated against myxomatosis and Rabbit Vital Haemorrhagic Disease. Rabbits can be vaccinated from five weeks old.

  8. Add some rabbit friendly vegetables to their food, but not too many as it can cause tummy upsets.

  9. Make sure your rabbit is drinking as they can get dehydrated.

  10. Bring your rabbit into the home on very hot days, especially if you have no shaded areas. You can return your rabbit to their hutch or run in the late afternoon or evening when the hottest time of the day has passed.

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