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6ft Guinea Pig Hutches

Discover Spacious, Feature-Packed 6ft Guinea Pig Hutches, Ideal for Single or Multiple Pets, with Easy Access and Cleaning for Pet Owners of All Ages.

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Experience the Difference: Premium 6ft Guinea Pig Hutches from Home & Roost

We take pride in offering a diverse selection of 6ft guinea pig hutches to accommodate the needs of both novice and seasoned pet owners. Our single-tier hutches are ideal for those who have a single guinea pig or are just embarking on their pet ownership journey.

Spacious and Feature-Rich: 6ft Guinea Pig Hutches for Every Pet Owner

For owners with multiple guinea pigs or those who wish to provide their pets with extra room to explore, our double hutches are the perfect choice. In cases where guinea pigs don't get along or to prevent unwanted breeding, our two-tier hutch offers an optimal solution.

Our 6ft guinea pig hutches are equipped with a variety of features to ensure your pet's comfort and your convenience:

  • Cozy sleeping compartments for a private retreat
  • Integrated legs to combat rising damp and facilitate air circulation
  • Wire mesh fronts for proper ventilation and easy accessory attachment
  • Generous doors for hassle-free access to all areas

Guinea pigs are delightful pets for individuals of all ages. Children are drawn to their adorable appearance and cuddly nature while learning valuable lessons in responsibility. Adults, too, appreciate their charming demeanor and good-natured temperament.

At Home & Roost size does matter

Our 6ft hutches provide the ideal home for one or multiple guinea pigs, boasting market-leading space of approximately 2 feet in both height and depth. This generous size allows your pets to run, play, and even stand on their hind legs with ease.

The spacious interior and ample doors to each compartment facilitate easy interaction between owners and their guinea pigs, making it simple to replenish food and water and maintain a clean living environment.

Thoughtful features like removable cleaning bars under the doors streamline maintenance tasks, while integrated legs help prevent rising damp and encourage better air circulation.

Despite their roomy interior, our 6ft guinea pig hutches have a compact footprint, making them a popular choice among pet owners.

We prioritize providing maximum depth and headroom to ensure ample space for food, bedding, toys, and a generous playing area without compromising on the hutch's overall dimensions.

Each of our hutches are handcrafted in Kent, England

We take great pride in being active members of the Made in Britain campaign. By supporting British manufacturing, we uphold the highest quality standards for your pet's home. We also provide a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee and are the only supplier with an independent 5-star rating on Trustpilot, further emphasizing our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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