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How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Need it quick? We know how you feel!

  • First off, if your order is over £99.99 and you're in Mainland UK, we'll ship it to you for free the next working day.
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How easy is it to assemble your flat pack products?

Let us put your mind at ease.

Our products come with clear, step-by-step instructions that even your cat might understand (though we wouldn't recommend letting them handle the screwdriver).

👯‍♂️ And while it's a breeze to assemble, we recommend a dynamic duo for the job. Grab a friend, partner, or friendly neighbour for some teamwork fun—two heads (and sets of hands) are better than one!

Got an electric screwdriver? Fantastic! That little tool will make the process even quicker and smoother.

⁉️ But hey, if you hit a snag or have a question, don't worry. We’re always here to help. Just give us a call, and we'll do everything we can to guide you through. We want to ensure your assembly experience is as joyful as the final product itself.

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What materials are the outdoor cat houses made from?

Our outdoor cat houses are constructed from high-quality, weather-resistant materials. These include treated timber for durability and insulation to keep your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Are the cat houses easy to assemble?

Yes, our cat houses are designed for easy assembly. Most models arrive nearly fully assembled, requiring only minor adjustments. Clear instructions are provided to ensure you can set up your cat's new home quickly and efficiently.

How do I keep the cat house warm during winter?

Our cat houses come with insulated walls to retain heat. Additionally, you can add a Sleepy Paws Self Heating Pet Pad for extra warmth without needing any electricity. The Outdoor Cat House Rain Cover can also help keep the house dry and insulated.

Can the cat houses withstand bad weather?

Yes, our cat houses are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are made from durable, weatherproof materials and often include features like rain covers and raised floors to prevent dampness. The Cat Kennel Type 01 Vision Pack is particularly praised for its robust construction.

Do the cat houses come with a cat flap?

Some of our models, such as the Cat Kennel Shelter with Thermal Barrier Curtain, come equipped with a a PVC barrier. Others like Cat House self heating outdoor kennel with one way privacy window have a two way cat flap installed.

What sizes are available, and how do I choose the right size?

Our cat houses come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. To choose the right size, consider the number of cats and their sizes. For example, the Outdoor Stray Cat Shelter is spacious enough for multiple cats, while others are designed for single cats.

How do I maintain the outdoor cat house?

Maintaining our cat houses is simple. Regularly check for any wear and tear, especially after severe weather. Clean the interior as needed and ensure the insulated layers remain intact. Some models have hinged roofs for easy access and cleaning, enhancing convenience.

Keeps Cats Warm and Dry with Home & Roost's Cat Houses

Our outdoor cat houses offer excellent insulation to keep your feline friends warm and dry. The Cat Kennel Shelter with Thermal Barrier Curtain is perfect for stray and feral cats. Customers love its warmth and durability.

Easy to Assemble and Use

Assembling our cat houses is a breeze. The Outdoor Stray Cat Shelter arrives almost fully assembled, needing only minimal effort to set up. Customers appreciate how easy it is to put together and how quickly their cats adapt to using it.

High-Quality Materials

Our products are made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity. The Cat Kennel Type 01 Vision Pack is a top choice for those who value sturdy construction. This kennel is designed to withstand harsh weather, keeping cats safe and comfortable.

Perfect Fit and Secure

We offer a range of accessories to complement your cat houses. The Outdoor Cat House Rain Cover fits snugly over our cat houses, ensuring they remain dry even in the heaviest rain. Our customers highlight the secure fit and effectiveness of these covers.

Ideal for All Weather Conditions

Cats need a cozy space to retreat to during extreme weather. The Sleepy Paws Self Heating Pet Pad provides additional warmth, making it ideal for colder months. Customers love how this pad keeps their pets warm without needing any electricity.

Customer-Favorite Features

Our cat houses and accessories come with features that customers rave about:

  • Insulated walls to retain heat
  • Microchip cat flaps for easy access
  • Hinged roofs for easy cleaning
  • Raised floors to keep out dampness

Customers have praised the prompt delivery and excellent customer service associated with our products, adding to the overall satisfaction and value.

Explore our full range of cat houses and accessories here to provide your cats with the best outdoor living experience.

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