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How easy is it to assemble your flat pack products?

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Our products come with clear, step-by-step instructions that even your cat might understand (though we wouldn't recommend letting them handle the screwdriver).

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Are your Rabbit Hutches water proof?

Yes, our rabbit hutches are designed to withstand the UK weather.

They are made from durable, treated wood and come with waterproof roofs to keep your bunnies dry and cosy all year round.

The front of Rabbit Hutches are normally made of wire and rain can blow in so we would recommend one of our rain covers that cover the front.

Can your hutches and runs be used indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! Our rabbit hutches are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

They are sturdy enough to handle the elements outside and stylish enough to fit into your home decor inside.

How easy is it to clean the hutches?

With Great Pets Comes Great Responsibility

Keeping your rabbit’s hutch clean and germ-free is essential for their health. Rabbits are naturally clean animals, but they do pee and poop a lot, so regular cleaning is a must.

Our hutches are designed for easy cleaning

Our hutches have large openings and our Chartwell range have removable cleaning bars that allow you to sweep out your hutch even with your rabbits still inside!

This makes it simple to maintain a hygienic living space for your furry friends. How often should you clean it? We recommend a thorough clean once a week, with spot cleaning as needed to keep everything fresh and tidy.

How secure is the hutches and runs against predators?

Security is our top priority.

Rabbit Hutches like the Chartwell 5ft and 6ft feature strong, predator-proof wire mesh and secure locks to keep your rabbits safe from foxes, cats, and other potential threats.

Many predators are nocturnal, so it’s natural to worry about leaving your pets out overnight. Rest assured, our hutches are designed with this in mind.

Our hutches greatest safety feature are there size

They are huge, with deep sleeping areas when filled with lots of bedding, and securely locked behind thick T&G doors. Predators would know your pets are there.

What size hutch should I get for my rabbits?

When it comes to choosing a hutch for your rabbits, bigger is always better.

Rabbits need plenty of space to hop, stretch, and play, so aim to recreate the largest living area possible. If you have multiple rabbits, go even larger to ensure everyone has enough room to be comfortable.

Don’t forget to include a run!

A run is essential for exercise and mental stimulation, and it should be spacious and securely attached to the hutch. Remember, rabbits are active and social animals that thrive in roomy environments. More space helps keep them healthy and happy.

Enhance Their Space with Our Tunnelling System

Want to give your rabbits even more room to explore? Check out our innovative tunnelling system! It increases their play and exploring space, allowing them to burrow and roam just like they would in the wild. This addition makes their environment even more stimulating and enjoyable.

🐰 Rabbit Hutches, Rabbit Runs and much, much more.

Home & Roost has everything you need to create a garden paradise for your Rabbits. All of our Rabbit Hutches, Rabbit Runs
and Wooden Accessories are ethically and sustainably made in Britain
🇬🇧, according to the highest standards for environmental protection,
animal welfare, and labour practices. Home & Roost is accredited by
the Made in Britain Campaign, as well as the Ethical Company Organization.💚

👪 When you buy from Home & Roost, you’re not sending money to
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What’s more, your Home & Roost purchase doesn’t just include the
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Many online retailers try hard to sound like a Far East importer of
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at Home & Roost, we believe in being honest with our customers. When
we say we’re a British Company, we mean it.

And if anything should go wrong with your order, you know where to find us.

  • When it comes to rabbits and guinea pigs, we all know that a hutch is not enough. But a great hutch can be the heart of a safe and spacious enclosure.
  • Home & Roost sells the largest hutches available on the market today. We sell four, five, and six-foot single hutches, as well as two-tier double hutches in various sizes. We also sell a large two-tier hutch made for two animals living separately.
  • In addition to hutches, we carry a wide selection of runs, many of which pair with our hutches to provide a generous combined living and exercise space. 
  • Weatherproofing is key to protecting both your hutch and your pets. Toward this end, we carry a selection of fitted hutch covers and sun shades for your run.
  • We also sell a wide variety of hutch essentials, including hay, bedding, food and food dishes, water bottles, toys, and treats.

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