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4ft Rabbit Hutches

Our 4ft rabbit hutches are ideal for any rabbit size, providing ample running space and convenience. They ensure the perfect fit for all your rabbits' needs.

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Optimal Hutch Solutions for Every Rabbit

Discover Your Perfect 4ft Rabbit Hutch

Whether you're nurturing a few tiny bunnies or caring for a larger rabbit needing extra room to roam, our 4ft rabbit hutches are tailored for you. At Home & Roost, we recognize the necessity of finding a hutch that not only fits all your rabbits comfortably but also complements your garden space seamlessly.

Why Choose Our 4ft Rabbit Hutches?

Our rabbit hutches are not just spacious—they are the tallest and deepest available in the market, designed to maximize headroom and floor space without taking up too much room. This makes them perfect for both small and larger gardens.

Versatile Designs to Meet All Needs

Our range includes:

  • Two-Tier Hutches: Ideal if you have multiple rabbits. Features two separate levels with private and public compartments, enhancing airflow and visibility for your pets.
  • Luxury Double Hutches: Best for owners of larger breeds or baby rabbits. These hutches offer two interconnected levels through a ramp, with a cozy sleeping area upstairs and a protected yet airy space below.
  • Single-Level Hutches: Perfect under windows or in smaller gardens. These offer substantial space without compromising the aesthetics of your outdoor area.
  • Hutch and Run Combos: Provide your rabbit the luxury of a spacious hutch attached to a run, facilitating both safety and exercise.

Constructed for Durability and Comfort

Crafted from robust wood and equipped with sturdy caging wire, our hutches are built to last. They ensure your rabbit’s home is safe, comfortable, and durable.

Optional Hutch Covers for All-Weather Protection

Enhance your hutch with our custom-designed covers. These "hutch huggers" not only keep your pet warm in winter but also protect against wind and rain. They're a perfect addition for those looking to provide extra comfort for their rabbits.

Not Sure Which Hutch Fits Best?

Browse our complete collection to compare options. If you need more personalized advice, our team is here to help you select the ideal hutch that meets both your and your rabbits' needs.

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