Handsome hutches, clean coops and cosy kennels! Quality Homes for Happ – Home & Roost

Handsome hutches, clean coops and cosy kennels! Quality Homes for Happy Pets

Handsome hutches, clean coops and cosy kennels! Quality Homes for Happy Pets

Lynette Hammond |

Did you know, there are thought to be about 1.7 million pet rabbits in the UK? That's a huge number and means that rabbits follow cats and dogs as the most popular pets. So what does having a rabbit actually involve? What are the "must haves" for good rabbit hutches?

First of all, rabbits need company. A lot of us probably remember growing up with a rabbit and a guinea pig - but nowadays, advice from animal charities like the PDSA and the RSPCA is highlighting that rabbits are happiest sharing a hutch with other rabbits. And, if you think about how they live in the wild, it makes sense.

Rabbit warrens are busy and bustling places and rabbits aren't often alone. So if you are keeping them as pets, its best to have more than one. Make sure they're neutered! Your rabbits will also need somewhere comfortable to live - and one of our cheap rabbit hutches is exactly the right answer.

Made in the UK to very high quality, our hutches will ensure that your pets are comfortable and secure. Then with the right food and plenty of kind handling, you should have a friendly, fun rabbit.

rabbit hutches

Another growing trend is in keeping chickens. The obvious advantage to chickens is - you guessed it - eggs! You don't need to live on a farm to keep a handful of healthy, happy chickens - just make sure that they have a secure coop to keep them safe overnight, and that they have access to either a run or an enclosed area during the day.

Chickens need regular food and plenty of fresh water. Your vegetable scraps and peelings will be a hugely appreciated treat and will be converted into the best eggs you'll ever eat. Here at Home and Roost, we'll be able to find you the perfect British-made chicken coop - whether it's for a couple of hens or a full-scale flock!

The UK's most popular pets are, unsurprisingly, cats and dogs. For thousands of years, man and dog have lived alongside each other - dogs have worked as hunters, herd-dogs, retrievers, assistance dogs and messengers. Most dogs today are companions and well-beloved members of the family. They do need careful looking after - plenty of exercise, a well-balanced diet and mental stimulation.

You also need to make sure your dog has enough training to be well-behaved in public - around other dogs and people. But the company, affection and loyalty your dog will reward you with make it all worthwhile! When it comes to your dog's living quarters, you can't do much better than one of our dog kennels. Made in the UK to high quality, they will keep your best friend cosy and comfortable.

Here at Home and Roost, we care about your pets as much as you do. Whether it's one of our high-quality cheap rabbit hutches, well-designed chicken coops or comfortable dog kennels, let us help you keep your pet happy and healthy!