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Why Do Cats Like Tight Spaces?

Why Do Cats Like Tight Spaces?

Melinda Connor |

Everyone knows cats are the Houdini’s of the animal world. Present them with the tightest of spaces, and they will take the challenge head-on (sometimes literally). Seeing some of the predicaments, they've gotten into; the question has to be why do cats like tight spaces?

Take a look at these silly kitties!


Why Cats Like Small Spaces

Trust us, and it’s not just for the views or chances of the video going viral. There are Rubber boy reasons for why cats will almost turn into liquid to get themselves comfortable in the smallest of spaces.

Scouring online sources and chatting to a few cat behavioural experts, we now understand why a cat will squeeze itself into the tiniest of spaces. 

The first reason is that cats instinctively feel safer in hard-to-reach spots, where they can safely hide from predators (real or perceived).

The second reason is that it's their way of keeping warm. Curled up in a ball, or knotted like a furry pretzel, cats can control their body heat.

The last reason, and probably the most obvious of all, is quite simply because they can!

We dare you to try not to laugh out loud at this kitten snuggled up in a sock!

How Do Cats Fit in Tight Spaces?

Okay, so now you know why your cat chooses the weirdest of spaces to take a nap. But you're probably wondering how it's able to give Daniel Browning Smith aka The Rubberboy, a run for his money.  Well, it turns out that cats are anatomically blessed. 

Cats have a flexible spine, collarbone and shoulders.

Amazingly, cats have a flexible spine, collarbone and shoulders. What this means is that as long as your cat's head and neck can fit into something, the rest of its body will follow, The key, however, is that there needs to be enough room on the other side so that it doesn't get stuck.

How? Why? Are you 'kitten' me?


Cats use their whiskers.

Yup, your cat's whiskers aren't there just to make it look cute. They have several purposes. Cats use their whiskers to gauge the width of a space. So, as long as an opening is as wide as its whiskers, your cat will be able to make itself comfortable. 

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Cat Safe

It's essential that the hiding spots your kitty chooses are safe. We suggest:

1. You keep cupboards and drawers closed

Especially if it's where you keep household cleaning products. These are toxic to your cat and can cause serious health issues, or even death.

2. You keep washing machines and tumble driers’ doors closed

Make sure they are always locked when not in use. Cats love to snuggle up in these appliances because of how warm they are. We don’t need to tell you the results will be disastrous.

3. You know where  your kitty's favourite  hiding spaces are

If your kitty has a penchant for hiding in your clothing cupboards or drawers, you need to know where those places are.

4. Create snug places for your cat to hide

If you're worried about your cat hiding in potentially dangerous areas, you can create a few of your own. Tunnels, boxes and paper bags are perfect hiding spots for your cat.

5. Use your cat's carrier as a hiding spot

If you have a cat carrier, you could always customise it. Simply, put it in a room your cat likes being in and place its favourite blanky or toy inside. This way, you'll always know where to find your fur-pal when it goes MIA. 

The web’s alive with photos, gifs, memes and videos of people’s cats in the weirdest places. How about showing us what your kitty gets up to, and in to?